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Efficient administration of users and applications


Provide a GUI for Administrators to

  • update users name, phone number, emailadress and reference
  • delete users
  • add and remove roles
  • request password reset
  • add and remove applications

Configuration properties

The STS Artefact contains default properties for the different IAM_MODE's being used.
<- Indicates same value as the one to the right.

Property Example values PROD
Use external config
Exists as embedded - not recommended
Default values TEST Default values DEV Comment
myuri http://localhost:9998/useradmin/ http://localhost:9998/useradmin/ The URI to where I am installed and accessible
standalone false false true Stand alone mode allow you to test run the application without setting up the full stack
useridentitybackend http://localhost:9995/uib/ http://localhost:9995/uib/ URI to where UserIdentityBackend - UIB is accessible
logonserviceurl http://localhost:9997/sso/ http://localhost:9997/sso/ URI to where SSOLoginWebApp - SSOLWA is accessible
tokenservice http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/ http://localhost:9998/tokenservice/ URI to where SecurityTokenService - STS is running

Some sketches for future enhancements

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