Whydah 2.0 - Release Log

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Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.0.1.Final BUGFIX/ADDON: Added property support to installations which had issues with special TLS/SSL certificates  
2.0-rc-5 Some minor tuning of sso/welcome and install-id prefixing of hazelcast channels  
2.0-rc-4 Fixed some references in UserToken, BugFix on personRef in UIB, fortification of provisioning scripts  
2.0-rc-3 UserToken rewrite in STS to restore support for multiple roles per application ref STS #14. Tighter cookie handling in UAWa and SSOLoginWebApp  
2.0-rc-2 Release_usertoken/user session on logoutaction in SSOLogin. UAWA cookie handling and role verification. UAWA encoding issues fixed. Dependencies upgraded.  
2.0-rc-1 BUG in UIB enabling duplicate users from 3rd party tokens fixed. Some GUI fixed in UAWA  
2.0-beta-1 Facebook login fixed, deleted old unused code in UserAdmin, fixed cookie/SSO functionality in SSOLoginWebApp  
2.0-alpha-16 High-Availability/cluster configuration (SSOLoginWebApp and SecurityTokenService) see documentation
* SSOLoginWebApp HA configuration (AWS ELB and Apache front)
* SecurityTokenService HA configuration (AWS EC2 Hazelcast)
2.0-alpha-15 consistent trailing slash on all URI paths in property files Clients: Must update properties files locally.
2.0-alpha-14 Refactoring: Consistent naming of terms in tokens and UAWA naming cleanup ApplicationToken diff
UserToken diff
2.0-alpha-13 DEFCON security awareness skeleton implemented DEFCON concept background
2.0-alpha-12 SecurityTokenService internal structure refactoring, hazelcast in STS
upgraded apacheds to 2.0m16
Embedded config
2.0-alpha-11 Refactoring: snake_case in public API to minimize misunderstandings API diff
2.0-alpha-10 internal naming convension refactoring  
2.0-alpha-9 refactoring: SecurityTokenService , from /token to /user in public API  
2.0-alpha-8 Application ID and secret implementation Clients: Must update properties files locally.
2.0-alpha-4 NetIQ redirect verification filter Property example
2.0-alpha-3 ticket => userticket refactoring  
2.0-alpha-2 New UserAdminWebApp application  
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