Whydah 2.2 - Release Log

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Whydah 2.2 - Application admin support, CRMService and Statistics - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
  UAWA - Export and Import Users  
2.2.2 Some minor tweaking on ACL for UAWA and 3rd party applications. Signalling STS on userchange/delete to updated active UserTokens  
2.2.1 Updating content of active UserTokens if changed through UAS  
2.2.Final RELEASE - finally  
2.2-rc-27 Added SSOLWA landing page for signup. UIB log tuning  
2.2-rc-26 Enhanced GUI for application administration in UAWA. Added SSOLWA landing page for signup. UIB log tuning (planned)
2.2-rc-25 Version sync of all modules. StatisticsService wrapping of valuereporter updated to be a real whydah module  
2.2-rc-23 Import and Export of Applications in UserAdminWebApplication. Some fortifications in STS++ on UserCredential and logging  
2.2-rc-20 Minor mapping fortification for application and module version sync  
2.2-rc-17 Minor toString enhancenent for UserToken (TypeLib)  
2.2-rc-16 Minor bug in setting defcon in UserToken (TypeLib)  
2.2-rc-15 Tightening up the Application model with separation of 3rd party admin apps and whydah internal admin apps, and supporting anonymous tokens for new sites for an user Check this section: "security": {
"minSecurityLevel": "0",
"userTokenFilter": "false",
"whydahUASAccess": true,
"whydahAdmin": true,
"secret": **** },
2.2-rc-14 DEFCON state kept in WhydahApplicationSession. Simple start-implmentation of DEFCON level actions for applications  
2.2-rc-6 Lot of small tweaks on application roles and UAS Minor change in json for applications
2.2-rc-1 Voted rc1 ready by development team  
2.2-beta-16 BugFix NPE in Application parsing in TypeLib  
2.2-beta-15 Upgraded web-layer of STS  
2.2-beta-13 Updated external dependencies and pom cleanup in TypeLib and SDK  
2.2-beta-12 Bugfix in Typelib handling of UserAggregateXml  
2.2-beta-9 Flowing DEFCON updates in WAS, wired in SSOLWA and displyed in /health - adjusted /health to json in most components  
2.2-beta-8 Typelib - usertoken mapping bugfixes and enhancements,  
2.2-beta-5 Typelib - useraggregate mapping bugfixes and enhancements, STS - replaced STS implementations with Typelib implementations  
2.2-beta-2 Minor stability fixes in Typelib parsing  
2.2-alpha-41 Fixed in whydah session handling (fortification, and added more production audit details to health and logging  
2.2-alpha-37 STS - adjusted logging and health for sysadmin purposes and re-used stsToken session https://whydahdev.cantara.no/tokenservice/health
2.2-alpha-36 sync for beta-readiness  
2.2-alpha-32 STS - fixed some update usertoken cases, SDK more systemtests  
2.2-alpha-31 STS - bugfixes on usersession time/validation/expiration control  
2.2-alpha-30 UAS: property-overide of subject for defined template overrides Config (useradminservice.properties): email.subject.NewUserPasswordResetEmail.ftl=Whydah - please complete registration
2.2-alpha-29 SDK: Patches to fix resetUserpassword command. UAS: Allow filesystem override on user email templates and API to pinpoint the email template UAS template directory: ./tamplates.email
2.2-alpha-24 Initialization and stability and performance work mainly in SDK and version sync  
2.2-alpha-17 Minor tweaks and version sync  
2.2-alpha-13 Fixed bug in send delayed mail command and updated external dependencies in Typelib and SDK  
2.2-alpha-12 CRMCustomer - added ability to use central whydah mailsending along with local mail client  
2.2-alpha-11 UIB - DB - Extend UserRole - RoleValue ALTER TABLE UserRoles ALTER COLUMN RoleValues TYPE varchar(4096);
2.2-alpha-10 Typelib - few fixed in mappers, particular for CRMCustomer  
2.2-alpha-7 STS - hazelcast 3.6.2 - should fix hazelcast in eu-west-1  
2.2-alpha-5 UIB some bugs in the sesr has set password functionality fixed  
2.2-alpha-4 Typelib - bug in parsing roles in UserToken fixed  
2.2-alpha-3 SDK - Command to verify us UserTokenID is Whydah User Admin Note: Tests against
<application ID="2212">
<role name="WhydahUserAdmin" value="1"/>
2.2-alpha-2 All - added Whydah session status info and added missing /health endpoints to simplify troubleshooting and simplify mainternance of whydah installations  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS/UIB - Added password_login_enabled  
2.2-alpha-1 SDK - Added scheduled sms and mail commands  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added refresh_usertoken  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added support for Anonymous UserTokens for 3rd party applications where the user has no roles New property ANONYMOUSTOKEN=true to enable this, false by default
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Enhancements and bugfixed to WhydahApplicationSession Now used by most Whydah components
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Removed Jersey dependency  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Fixed fallback parsing of ole uderidentity json structure  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - Enhanced ApplicationCredential added with mappers  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - CRMCustomer optional data structures added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - PIN-verified signup implemented  
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - SendSMSMessage to customer command added New properties for config of smsgw and template needed to instantiate the service
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - CRMCustomer commands added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession CRUD signals added and enhanced  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA - CRMService and Statistics Service support, New properties for StatisticsService and CRMService connection(s)
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 UAS StatisticsService signals UserLogon signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 StatisticsService - new StatisticsService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 CRMService - new CRMService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA/SDK - Functionality for loading StartSSL certificates and enhanced noTLSCheck to sockets since jersey do some checks  

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