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Whydah 2.4 - Release log

Key focus/features

  • Maintenance release - lots of internal quality rework
  • Replaced inner-workings with domain-driven security white-listing matched against the domain concepts
  • Whydah application to application sessions with adaptive end-to-end payload encryption)
  • OAUTH2 provider - enhancements
  • JWT token support++ for SPA applications in SPAProxyService
  • DEFCON change alerts with suggested actions (probably mail/sms) - to observe and verify/match the suggested actions to real-life situations

Non-coordinated/matured modules

Module Version Date Comment
Whydah-OAuth2Service 0.11.10 December 4th, 2017 Working PoC - will be production stabilized after more real-world integration testing, planned Q2-2018
Whydah-SPAProxyService 0.3.10 April 14th, 2018 Working PoC/MVP - will be production stabilized after real-world integration testing, planned Q2-2018

Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.4.19 Minor security dependency bump and some small corner-case bugfixes and optimizations  
2.4.18 Dependency bump for spring and fixed a mysql issue in statisticsservice introduced in 2.4.16  
2.4.16 Sync release of a few minor fixes including better usage statistics for users and applications in UAWA and CRM-info previews  
2.4.11 Fix for broken "New Application" function in UAWA  
2.4.10 Replaced old dependencies in UAWA with Admin SDK commands. Whitelisting more special characters for Firstname, LastName++  
2.4.9 Minor patches  
2.4.8 UIB - support for re-creating user-index from LDAP added, refactoring of the timestamp baseclass implementations  
2.4.7 STS/Typelib bug preventing user sessions over 27h fixed, UIB thread bug which might cause double application in application index fixed  
2.4.6 Patched jackson dependency, fixed a bug un UserTokenLifespan handling preventing long SSO sessions STS tokenmap need to be reset
2.4.5 Hardening STS handling of session lifespan config parameters, minor code cleanup/refactoring's, synchronized release  
2.4.1 Minor bugfix to application session lifespan handling, and security patching of UIB  
2.4 Released  
2.4-rc-2 Minor updates and dependency cleanup, tighter was thread handling  
2.4-rc-1 First release candidate  
2.3.100 Minor maintenance adjustments updated to get ready for 2.4 alpha  
2.3.94 Fixed bug in anonymous usertoken creation and removed false positive validation errors in logs  
2.3.92 Fixed bug if setting applicationsesstionexpires to high in property  
2.3.90 Minor adjustments tp LastName and DefaultRolenames definitions  
2.3.84 Internal bottom-up quality work  
2.3.75 Tweaking the domain-driven security whitelisting  
2.3.68 Replaced all inner-workings of Whydah with domain-driven security implementation, enforcing strict white-listing on all data matched against the domain concept might be som corner-cases we've not discovered yet
2.3.44 Squashed a few bugs in cache invalidation in UAS and applied more domain-driven security to key parts should be worth a go
2.3.38 Enhanced the time-fields in typelib to smart-fields to remove pain/failure points released to simplify in-the-wild test/verifications
2.3.37 Initial work on domain-driven security for Whydah key objects in typelib released to simplify in-the-wild test/verifications
2.3.31 Post-pentest patch-release  
2.3.27 Synchronized maintenance release
  • tweaking logs and health for easier maintenance
2.3.23 Synchronized maintenance release
  • to be penetration tested by third party
2.3.22 Synchronized maintenance release with lots of minor fixes  
2.3.20 completed the embedded crypto handling on receiving payload in all hystrix commands  
2.3.19 resilience in unstable network situations for application session handling by fail fast on application auth between sts and uas... (same should be implemented between uas and uib)  
2.3.18 now with initial crypto key per application session exchange and configuration of super-secure applications  
  STS - using the testpage=enabled flag to choose verbose info in health (so it won't show in production setups) testpage=enabled for verbose info in /health  
  SDK and STS - early work on payload encryption and cryptokey rotation  
2.3.11 SDK work on smarter and non-blocking session resilience  
2.3.5 STS - properties for default user and application sessions Extra properties application.session.timeout=120, user.session.timeout=240
2.3.4 STS - forced removal and cleanup of expired sessions Partially released
2.3.3 UAS/STS - enhancments on false threatSignal positives and obfuscating the session id's Partially released
2.3.2 UIB - enhanced application search index and UAS wiring Partially released
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