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Whydah 2.5 - Release log

Release log

Version Date Main changes Comment(s)
2.5.70 2020-09 SSOLWA - support for pre-configured users/personas to simplify service-development and testing of SSO solutions where processes spans several users. OAUTH2 some minor adjustment to support more logout scenarios. Monthly dependency (JavaZone edition) and security patch update  
2.5.60 2020-08 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.57 2020-07 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.55 2020-06 Pre-July 2021 Security release including full Open ID Connect Support in the OAUTH2 service  
2.5.43 2020-06 OAuth2Service - A transitive last-minute vuln dependency snuk in, thus fast-patching OAuth2Service out-of-cycle  
2.5.42 2020-06 June 2020 security release. Added OpenID Connect provider support to OAuth2Service  
2.5.41 2020-05 May 2020 security release and minor tweaks on health endpoint reporting to align with Visuale  
2.5.37 2020-04 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.36 2020-04 UIB only patch to fix haelth-check constantly missing admin-user lookup loping, and a workaround for re-syncing large LDAP databases to index  
2.5.35 2020-03 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.34 2020-02 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.33 2020-01 spring framework vuln hotfix - security patch update  
2.5.31 2020-01 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.30 2019-12 monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.27 2019-11 some fixes and cleanup in SSOLWA, monthly dependency and security patch update  
2.5.25 2019-10 monthly security patch update  
2.5.24 2019-08 added support for paging LDAP queries to support connecting and indexing large LDAP directories/organizations and some minor hazelcast dependency updates  
2.5.22 2019-08 monthly security patch update and stabillity fixes on UAWA user export with strange data in roles  
2.5.15 2019-07 monthly security patch update and java 11+ updates  
2.5.13 2019-06 monthly security patch update and minor UI updates in UAWA for user searches for large installations  
2.5.12 2019-05 monthly security patch update  
2.5.11 2019-04 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.10 2019-03 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.9 2019-01 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.8 2018-11 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.7 2018-10 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.6 2018-10 security patching of dependencies  
2.5.3 2018-10 Minor fixes to log configuration  
2.5.1 2018-09 UIB Bugfix, avoiding application copies in the application search index  
2.5 2018-08 Promoted to 2.5 release  
2.5-rc-3 2018-08 Typelib - patch to handle more semantic Tags  
2.5-rc-2 2018-08 SSOLWA - bug discovered in signup fixed,
STS - smarter handling of large threat signal maps for mis-configured environments and environments under attack,
CRMService - fixed a hazelcast initialization issue and some refactoring
2.5-rc-1 2018-08 Initial release candidate  
2.4.19 2018-08 Minor security dependency bump and some small corner-case bugfixes and optimizations  
2.4.18 2018-08 Dependency bump for spring and fixed a mysql issue in statisticsservice introduced in 2.4.16  
2.4.16 2018-08 Sync release of a few minor fixes including better usage statistics for users and applications in UAWA and CRM-info previews  
2.4.11 2018-07 Fix for broken "New Application" function in UAWA  
2.4.10 2018-07 Replaced old dependencies in UAWA with Admin SDK commands. Whitelisting more special characters for Firstname, LastName++  
2.4.9 2018-07 Minor patches  
2.4.8 2018-06 UIB - support for re-creating user-index from LDAP added, refactoring of the timestamp baseclass implementations  
2.4.7 2018-06 STS/Typelib bug preventing user sessions over 27h fixed, UIB thread bug which might cause double application in application index fixed  
2.4.6 2018-06 Patched jackson dependency, fixed a bug in UserTokenLifespan handling preventing long SSO sessions STS tokenmap need to be reset
2.4.5 2018-05 Hardening STS handling of session lifespan config parameters, minor code cleanup/refactoring's, synchronized release  
2.4.1 20180503 Minor bugfix to application session lifespan handling, and security patching of UIB  

Key focus/features (planned)

  • OAUTH2 provider - release
  • Support for Single-Page Applications, with SPAProxyService and Whydah Single Page Application javascript library

Planned ideas and tasks

Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.5 Encrypted user tokens encrypted JWTtokens in SPAProxyService
2.5 JWT provider support part of SPAProxyService
2.5 Single-page Application support part of SPAProxyService

Non-coordinated/matured modules

Module Version Date Comment
Whydah-OAuth2Service 0.13 August, 2018 Working Early Beta - will be production stabilised/versioned after more real-world integration testing
Whydah-SPAProxyService 1.2.0 February, 2019 Working Early Beta Release - will be production versioned after more real-world integration testing
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