Whydah 2.6 - Release Log

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Whydah 2.6 - Release Log

Release log

Version Date Main changes Comment(s)
2.6.81 May 2021 Security patching of April 2021 - final 2.6 release... moving to 2.7 with new UIB  
2.6.70 April 2021 Security patching of March 2021. New Whydah session managers available in SDKs. Session managers aware of SDK or Admin SDK for internal functionality. Aligned OpenID Connect Concent UI with Whydah UI  
2.6.40 Mar 2021 Security patching of February 2021, a lot of work on ensuring OpenID Connect compatibility with 3.rd party OpenID Connect libraries, some fortifications and bugfixes in all Whydah modules  
2.6.15 Feb 2021 Security patching of January 2021, some minor upgrades in OAuth2Service and UAS  
2.6.9 Jan 2021 Security patching of December 2020, some minor upgrades in OAuth2Service  
2.6.7 Dec 2020 Security patching of November 2020, some upgrades in OpenIDConnect for OAuth2Service New property to run Oauth2Service in devtest/inttest mode with dummy-key behind auth
2.6.5 Nov 2020 some adjustments in OAUTH2Service resulting in new generated oauthapplicationids for running installations  
2.6.4 Nov 2020 Enhanced support for XML in Whydah RoleValue to support more federated identity scenarios. Some security patching and updates of 3rd party dependencies  
2.6.3 Nov 2020 Security patching of November 2020  
2.6.0 Oct 2020 Cumulative feature release and security patching of 3rd party dependencies  

Key focus/features

  • Full support of federating various and several combined IAM/SSO providers
  • Whydah application to application sessions extended with application tags to support grouping/filtering of applications based upon application tags )
  • Whydah application to application sessions with adaptive end-to-end payload encryption)
  • OAUTH2 and OpenID Connect provider
  • SPA Proxy Service
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