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Whydah is a Single Sign On provider that handles ACL (Access Contol List) for any application that connects to it.
It has a very easy role setup where a user may have access to an application and be given different roles and each role may hold a value that the application can use for granting access to protected resources.
An example of such a user-role matrix is this one from [AwesomeCompetenceSystem] showing that the Manager role has some additional attributes:

Application Organization Role Value
MyApplication * ReadOnly *
MyApplication * Employee <e-mail>
MyApplication * Manager * Eks: { role: 'Practice lead', location: 'Oslo', country: [ASE:'Norway', 'Sweden'] }
MyApplication * Administrator *

Components- separation of responsibility.

Whydah is separated in four main components:

Component What it does Status
UserAdministration The web front end to help project managers and Thomas Ingebretsen (for example...) add users and add roles to users Has love, more features on its way
SecurityTokenService Provides a security token to the application when someone tries to log in Has love (ie. works!)
SSOLoginWebApp The web-frontend for the Whydag SSO services. It uses SecurityTokenService and UserIdentityBackend behind the scenes, where SecurityTokenService needs to be accessible from the same zone that your applications reside. Has love (ie. works!)
UserIdentityBackend Also known as UIB. Stores UserIdentities and their relation to Roles, Applications and Organizations. Requires SecurityTokenService if authorization is turned on. Works

How do I add a new application to Whydah?

You add it in UserAdminWebApp

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