Whydah UserAdmin for 3. party applications.

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Some application have a legitimate need to handle and coordinate its own roles and thus a IAM system like Whydah should let the system owner delegate such privileges to certain applications. This self-administration will be limited to roles within the application (as identified with applicationid). Typical usages are

  • Change role for a user in an organization (i.e. from Employee to Manager)
  • Remove role and access to this application
  • Search the Whydah directory, and add access to the application for a user which has not access already
  • Change role parameters belonging to this application for one or several users

Third party User Administration Application Use Cases

  • Role-Administration for my application
    • CRUD RoleNames
    • CRUD User-Roles-Values
    • CRUD Organizations
  • User-Admninistration
    • add/remove access to application (Q: future support for application portfolios?)

Whydah have already these functions in its internal API,, which is used by Whydah UserAdministration to administer Whydah users.

API ovewview

UseCase Service method url public for admin apps internal comment
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