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When setting up Whydah you have to consider how secure you want your installation.
The security corresponds somewhat to the IAM_MODE as one would expect PROD to be more secure than DEV.

Mode / security What to setup Server recommendation
1. Development mode
  • Download the docker image and start rolling on your local computer or all components on one server
  • None (your local comuter with Java 8 installed will do fine)
2. Test mode
  • Setup a separate UIB and LDAP behind firewall.
  • Download the docker image and change the user identity backend configuration to point to your UIB
  • All in one server or with separate UIB and Front end
3. Production mode
  • Get a SSL certificate for the domain you wish to run whydah on, i.e.
  • Setup a separate UIB and LDAP behind firewall.
  • Setup a separate front-end server with UAS, UAWA and STS.
See Installing Whydah for deployment diagram.
  • LDAP server: Amaxon Linux AMI m3.medium 8GB
    (Or AD can be used, see User directory strategy)
  • UIB server: Amazon Linux AMI t2.micro 8GB
  • Frontend server: 1-4 Amazon Linux AMI t2.micro 8GB
  • RoleDB: Mysql, db.m1.small, 10GB

Note that installation can be provisioned using Ansible once you have the infrastructure setup.
You'll find it at

Whydah development Express-route for linux and osx/mac

Pre-requisites: JDK 8, maven 3 and wget installed
  1. run (wget which will do the following
    1. clone all main Whydah repositories
    2. build all modules on local machine
    3. start all built modules in a TEST_LOCALHOST configuration
  2. verify that it is working before starting to code (http://localhost:9997/sso/welcome u:useradmin pw:useradmin567)

Notes when setting up new Server environment in Amazon AWS

  • Apply "Protect against accidental termination"
  • Keep instances as physically close to on another (Subnet)
  • Set Naming strategy as quickly as possible to avoid confusion. Example:
    • MyCompany-PROD-UserIdentityBackend
    • MyCompany-PROD-SecurityTokenService
    • MyCompany-PROD-SSOLoginWebapp
    • MyCompany-PROD-UserAdmin
  • Create new keys for PROD and don't reuse test-keys. They can't be changed afterwards.

Zone recommendation


Key recommendation


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