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Date: Juni 12th -June 14th 2015
Location: Enestigen 1, Havstenssund (outside Grebbestad, Sweden)


  • Totto (Event host)
  • Jan Helge (Event coordinator)
  • Leon
  • Bård (Sommelier)
  • Svein-Magnus (Får prøve å bidra litt
  • Jonas Strømsodd (master Sergant)


  • Low to medium... fun&some coding


  • Onboarding new faces
  • Frontend: UAWA new application admin features
  • Backend: SSOLWA/STS - [MFA with Google Authenticator]
  • Infrastructure: [Cantara CI infrastructure]
  • Security: [Penetration testing and secure code]
  • STS: Solve Real Life UseCase on Create Roles service-to-service.
  • [Personal interests and tasks]
  • Other

Social activities:

  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Wine tasting
  • Cooking


  • Bring your own laptop, Open fast WiFi available
  • Follow instructions below and ensure that you have a working development environment before the workshop
  • Bring running shoes and clothes for "dip in the water" as it is obligatory to get the hero out of the system every morning with a run and swim in the sea....
  • Bring sheets or a sleeping bag and a big smile

Whydah development Express-route for linux and osx/mac

Pre-requisites: JDK 8, maven 3 and wget installed
  1. run (wget which will do the following
    1. clone all main Whydah repositories
    2. build all modules on local machine
    3. start all built modules in a TEST_LOCALHOST configuration
  2. verify that it is working before starting to code (http://localhost:9997/sso/welcome u:useradmin pw:useradmin567)
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