Thor Henning Hetland Blog from May, 2009

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Cloud - auto-magic og just provisioning platform for your distributed system

Good blog-post from a quite interesting twitter-discussion on cloud technology

If a cloud still links you to hardware failure then its a great compute grid but it still requires you at a fundamental level to worry about the hardware whether that be CPU or disk. A cloud should virtualise that meaning that only software failures are the issue, the hardware has been truly virtualised and scaled.

I like the clean separation of just provisioning. Apps do the rest, enterprises won't like it tho

And here we are at a key finding. People (here enterprises) are still looking for silver bullets which IMHO makes no sense whatsoever from a technological point of view. from a philosophical or political or cultural point of view, it is easy to see this effect in practise. So we are left to take a stand: should we "go with the flow" or should we try harder and educate to ensure that meaningful decisions are made?