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  • Name: Thor Henning Hetland
  • Address: Møllefaret 30E, N-0750 OSLO, Norway
  • Born: 5. April 1969
  • Civil status: Married, two kids
  • Phone: +47 98 256 071
  • Email:

[Short Bio]

Community guy, devoted to sharing knowledge and building great communities and value in software systems. Inventor. Opinionated Sun Java Champion, leader of IASA Norway, founder of Cantara AS and former president of the very successful Norwegian JUG javaBin and the great JavaZone Conference. Member of the Advisory Board of Speaker on several conferences including JavaZone, JavaONE, CommunityONE, XP-conference, Microsoft Application Platform, Smidig, OMG Information Days, the Software conference and various others.

With over 30 years of professional programming experience spanning quite a few programming languages he has contributed in both international and domestic projects in various roles, including CTO, project leader, technology mentor, software architect, lead developer, technology strategist and trainer.


1994 - 1996	The Norwegian University of Technology and Science(NTH),
                Master degree of Computer Science at the Faculty of Electrical
 		Engineering and Computer Science, Department of Computer Systems and
		Master thesis: MODS. A role-based Method for analysis 
		and design of distributed object-oriented Systems.

1990 - 1993	University Centre of Rogaland.
		Bachelor degree of Computer Science.

1988 - 1990	The Naval Academy.
		Officer training. Technical branch.  Electronics and weapon 

1985 - 1988	Persbråten Videregående skole
		In depth study of maths, physics and computers.



  • Principal Consultant / Practice Lead Software Engineering, Altran AS
  • Board Member at Technebies AS
  • Board Member at IASA Norge


2012 - 2012     FreeCode AS, Oslo, Norway

2009 - 2012     Webstep AS, Oslo, Norway
                Principal Consultant, Chief software architect and 
                chief software developer.

2003 - 2009     Objectware AS (Itera Consulting Group), Oslo, Norway
                Principal Consultant, Chief software architect and 
                Chief Software Developer.
                Tecknical expert in J2EE technologies, including EJB,
                JMS, WebServices. Poroject leader, mentor, consultant
                and trainer.

2000 - 2003     WM-data (Tenpipes AS/ E-Line Group ASA), Oslo, Norway
		Lead eCommerce Architect and Chief Software Developer for
		E-Line's advanced multichannel, OneToOne, B2C
		eCommerce platform. The platform is built technologies like
		EJB (Enterprise Java beans), JMS, XML and Intershop Enfinity.
                Project leader, technology mentor, technology strategist and trainer.
                Responsible for the Java knowledge forum with focus on Java,
                J2EE (EJB), J2ME, software architectures, UML and processes.
                Ref: Ole-Martin Halden and Markus Harboe.

1998 - 2002	Zero Mindset Ltd, London, UK
		Technical Manager and Lead Developer.
		SHE (Safety Health and Environment) Management 
                Information Systems
		Ref: Frank Ingve Huth

1997 - 2000     NUMERICA TASKON A/S / MOGUL.COM, Oslo, Norway
		Software Developer/Senior Consultant. Responsible for 
		the distributed system research.  Project leader, mentor,
		technology strategist, software architect and training.
		Java, EJB, CORBA/DCOM, UML, Rational Unified Process
		Jini, Smalltalk and C++. 
		Ref: Per Wold

1995, 1996      TASKON A/S, Oslo, Norway
		Distributed systems. Methods. RM-ODP. CORBA.
                Programming IDM/MIDL export filter for OOram.
                Smalltalk og C/C++ programming. OLE/COM. Summer.
                6 months. Ref: Per Wold

1995 - 1996	The Norwegian University of Technology and Science / NTH,
		Department of Computer Systems and Telematics, Trondheim, Norway 
		Student-assistant in data communication course.
                3 semesters. Ref: Monika Lie Larsen

1993 - 1994	Fujitsu Ltd, Fujitsu Software Laboratories, Kawasaki, Japan
		Presentation of published articles in Software Maturement
		and Software Process. Prototyping of Software Process
		models in RASP (Regatta Automated Software Process)
		on UNIX systems. 5 months. Ref: Hiroyuki Yoshida

1993		Statoil, Europipe Development Project, Stavanger, Norway
		Plan-systems and database-systems for control of costs.
		Project control group. Data-Ease, Paradox, Artemis 
		and Microsoft Project. Summer. Ref: Harald N. Hansen

1991, 1992	Statoil, Zeepipe Development Project, Stavanger, Norway
		Planing and cost-control in projectcontrolgroup.
		Data-ease and Artemis. Summers. Ref: Sven-Olav Jørstad  

1991 - 1992	University Center of Rogaland, Stavanger, Norway
		Student-assistant in Elementary courses of computing and 
		programming. Ref: Ivar Austvold

1989 - 1990	The Royal Norwegian Navy, Horten and Bergen, Norway
		Sub-lieutenant of sonars and torpedoes. Campus officer for 
		about 60 people. Ref: Tor Arne Hansen

1986, 1987	Norwegian Petroleum Consultants, Oslo, Norway
		Maintenance of NORD 100/500 systems. Summers.
		Ref: Arnt-Louis Olsen

1987		Ullevål hospital. Rescue center, Oslo, Norway
		Helper and night guard. Summer.


Software Architecture, productivity and Object-orientation. Method work. Distributed systems. Planning of software projects. Plan-systems. Data-security. Leadership of object-oriented software teams.



2008 -          Stiftelsen for fremme av programvareutvikling i Norge. Founder and member of the Board.

2008 -          Cantara AS. Founder, Lead of the Board and Director of Cantara.

2005 -          Sun Java Champion. The first appointed Java Champion in the Scandinavia.
                Java Champion is appointed to persons which has been central in making
                Java a worldwide success.

2004 - 2008 Community Leader. Comminity Leader for the Java User Group 
                commiunity at

1998 - 2008     President of javaBin. The Norwegian Java User
		Group.  (  Responsible for the biggest developer
                conference in Scandunavia (JavaZone). JavaZone is a mini-JavaONE with
                several parallell tracks spawning two full days. 

1998 - 2002	Director of Zero Mindset Ltd.

1996		Student-representative of the council of the department 
		of computer systems.

1994-1995	Student-leader of the main field trip to San Francisco 
		for IDT, September 1995. Administrating several initiatives
		of economical support, among those the production and 
		presentation of av Internet-course for over 700 paying

1992 - 1993	One of the key persons to start up the student group 
  		for the Computer Science students at the University 
		Center of Rogaland.

1991 - 1993	IAESTE Norway. Vice president of IAESTE Norway. Arranging
		reception, lodging and activities for international students 
		training in Norway. Arranging national seminars.

Presentations and publications

Some of my not very recent presentations...

Date Presentation
Apr 09 Developers guide to server-side productivity and fun with Open Source, GoOpen
Mar 09 Robust smidig utvikling - når resultater er viktigere enn religion, Software
Feb 09 Service categorization and SOA patterns 911, Norstella
Feb 09 Auto-Taxonomy and Categorization As A Service (ATaCAAS)
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Runtime containers
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governance Intro
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governing The Design Time
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governing The Service Lifecycle
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Hva er en tjeneste, tjenesteunivers og tjenestemanifest
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Security Introduction
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Service Endpoints and services in the real world
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Tjenestekategorisering
Oct 08 Fra Produktfokus til Tjeneste og Domenefokus
Sep 08 Extending functionality in Enterprise Pojos (EDR, Qi4J, Neo4J)
Sep 08 EDRMDS - a less is more approach to SOA Master Data Management, JavaZone 2008
Jun 08 OW SOA readiness Workshop
May 08 Pimp My Service
May 08 OW SOA simplified
May 08 EDR and SOA Mastering Strategies - Workshop
May 08 Datavarehusets plass i SOA - Workshop
Apr 08 OW SOA intro
Apr 08 ED&A Workshop
Mar 08 Gjennomføring av Governance policies
Mar 08 Hvilken governence strategi passer min organisasjon
Feb 08 OW SOA Readiness 2 day workshop
Feb 08 Søk i en SOA strategi
Feb 08 BI i en SOA strategi
Feb 08 MOM og EDA i en SOA strategi
Dec 07 SOA Readyness, for ledere og sjefskonsulenter
Nov 07 Smidig 2.0, Smidig 2007
Nov 07 Praktiska designmönster för implementering av SOA, Stockholm
Oct 07 The 2007 Anti-Buzzword session, NTNU
Oct 07 WebServices workshop
Oct 07 SOA Workshop BI og enterprise søk i SOA, Stockholm
Sep 07 Cost-efficient SOA deployment architectures with Solaris Zones and ZFS
Sep 07 Governing in a SOA world - a role play, JavaZone
Sep 07 Vurdering av produksjonsplatformer for tjenestebaserte arkitekturer
Sep 07 Enterprise Domain Repositories og Evolving Service Endpoints
Aug 07 Intro til Enterprise Design and Architecture
Jun 07 SOA training course
Jun 07 Real World SOA
May 07 What's the buzz from the community, JavaONE
May 07 EDRMDS - a less is more approach to SOA Master Data Management, JavaONE 2008
May 07 Java User Groups: Think Globally, Act Locally, Community One
Apr 07 MDA tools - a critical run-down of MDA implementations, Sandefjord
Apr 07 Java technologies for the business layer, Sandefjord
Apr 07 Modeling tools run-down - what can you get for free?, Sandefjord
Apr 07 A strategic run-down of the software development tooling options and drawbacks, Sandefjord
Apr 07 En oversikt over OSS-feltet, DnD Geiloseminar
Apr 07 Developers have always known how to deliver successful SOA (Real World and contracts), Microsoft AppPlat Connections
Apr 07 The value of SOA Delivered (Governance), Microsoft AppPlat Connections
Mar 07 Real World SOA
Mar 07 OpenESB and SOA at Sun Open Source day, Oslo
Mar 07 SOA for Teleco companies
Jan 07 SOA 2.0 for finance institutions
Oct 06 Enterprise Domain Services
Sep 06 Hva er en tjeneste - tjenestekategorisering, Kiel


Norwegian Native.
English Fluent written and spoken.
German Good comprehension. A bit rusty, needs maintenance.
French Beginner
Spanish Beginner
Japanese Some understanding from 6 months in Japan.
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