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2008 -          Stiftelsen for fremme av programvareutvikling i Norge. Founder and member of the Board.

2008 -          Cantara AS. Founder, Lead of the Board and Director of Cantara.

2005 -          Sun Java Champion. The first appointed Java Champion in the Scandinavia.
                Java Champion is appointed to persons which has been central in making
                Java a worldwide success.

2004 - 2008 Community Leader. Comminity Leader for the Java User Group 
                commiunity at

1998 - 2008     President of javaBin. The Norwegian Java User
		Group.  (  Responsible for the biggest developer
                conference in Scandunavia (JavaZone). JavaZone is a mini-JavaONE with
                several parallell tracks spawning two full days. 

1998 - 2002	Director of Zero Mindset Ltd.

1996		Student-representative of the council of the department 
		of computer systems.

1994-1995	Student-leader of the main field trip to San Francisco 
		for IDT, September 1995. Administrating several initiatives
		of economical support, among those the production and 
		presentation of av Internet-course for over 700 paying

1992 - 1993	One of the key persons to start up the student group 
  		for the Computer Science students at the University 
		Center of Rogaland.

1991 - 1993	IAESTE Norway. Vice president of IAESTE Norway. Arranging
		reception, lodging and activities for international students 
		training in Norway. Arranging national seminars.

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