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Some of my not very recent presentations...

Date Presentation
Apr 09 Developers guide to server-side productivity and fun with Open Source, GoOpen
Mar 09 Robust smidig utvikling - når resultater er viktigere enn religion, Software
Feb 09 Service categorization and SOA patterns 911, Norstella
Feb 09 Auto-Taxonomy and Categorization As A Service (ATaCAAS)
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Runtime containers
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governance Intro
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governing The Design Time
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Governing The Service Lifecycle
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Hva er en tjeneste, tjenesteunivers og tjenestemanifest
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Security Introduction
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Service Endpoints and services in the real world
Dec 08 SOA Readiness. Tjenestekategorisering
Oct 08 Fra Produktfokus til Tjeneste og Domenefokus
Sep 08 Extending functionality in Enterprise Pojos (EDR, Qi4J, Neo4J)
Sep 08 EDRMDS - a less is more approach to SOA Master Data Management, JavaZone 2008
Jun 08 OW SOA readiness Workshop
May 08 Pimp My Service
May 08 OW SOA simplified
May 08 EDR and SOA Mastering Strategies - Workshop
May 08 Datavarehusets plass i SOA - Workshop
Apr 08 OW SOA intro
Apr 08 ED&A Workshop
Mar 08 Gjennomføring av Governance policies
Mar 08 Hvilken governence strategi passer min organisasjon
Feb 08 OW SOA Readiness 2 day workshop
Feb 08 Søk i en SOA strategi
Feb 08 BI i en SOA strategi
Feb 08 MOM og EDA i en SOA strategi
Dec 07 SOA Readyness, for ledere og sjefskonsulenter
Nov 07 Smidig 2.0, Smidig 2007
Nov 07 Praktiska designmönster för implementering av SOA, Stockholm
Oct 07 The 2007 Anti-Buzzword session, NTNU
Oct 07 WebServices workshop
Oct 07 SOA Workshop BI og enterprise søk i SOA, Stockholm
Sep 07 Cost-efficient SOA deployment architectures with Solaris Zones and ZFS
Sep 07 Governing in a SOA world - a role play, JavaZone
Sep 07 Vurdering av produksjonsplatformer for tjenestebaserte arkitekturer
Sep 07 Enterprise Domain Repositories og Evolving Service Endpoints
Aug 07 Intro til Enterprise Design and Architecture
Jun 07 SOA training course
Jun 07 Real World SOA
May 07 What's the buzz from the community, JavaONE
May 07 EDRMDS - a less is more approach to SOA Master Data Management, JavaONE 2008
May 07 Java User Groups: Think Globally, Act Locally, Community One
Apr 07 MDA tools - a critical run-down of MDA implementations, Sandefjord
Apr 07 Java technologies for the business layer, Sandefjord
Apr 07 Modeling tools run-down - what can you get for free?, Sandefjord
Apr 07 A strategic run-down of the software development tooling options and drawbacks, Sandefjord
Apr 07 En oversikt over OSS-feltet, DnD Geiloseminar
Apr 07 Developers have always known how to deliver successful SOA (Real World and contracts), Microsoft AppPlat Connections
Apr 07 The value of SOA Delivered (Governance), Microsoft AppPlat Connections
Mar 07 Real World SOA
Mar 07 OpenESB and SOA at Sun Open Source day, Oslo
Mar 07 SOA for Teleco companies
Jan 07 SOA 2.0 for finance institutions
Oct 06 Enterprise Domain Services
Sep 06 Hva er en tjeneste - tjenestekategorisering, Kiel
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