Sci-fi books read 2015

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The Lost Destroyer (Lost Starship Series Book 3)
Vaughn HeppnerJanuary

The Lost Starship (Lost Starship Series Book 1)
Vaughn Heppner

The Lost Command (Lost Starship Series Book 2)
Vaughn Heppner

Annihilation (Alien Invasion Book 4)
Sean Platt

Colonization (Alien Invasion Book 3)
Johnny B. Truant

Weighing Shadows
Lisa Goldstein

Contact (Alien Invasion Book 2)
Johnny B. Truant

Constitution: Book 1 of The Legacy Fleet Trilogy
Nick Webb

The Sol Ascendancy
Chad Huskins

The Accidental Explorer
George Deeb

Liberty Station (Book 1 of The Humanity Unlimited Saga)
Terry Mixon

Disc (a sequel to "Vaz" and "Tiona")
Laurence Dahners

Tiona (a sequel to "Vaz")
Laurence Dahners

Laurence Dahners

Humble Beginnings
KA Hopkins

Koban: A Federation Forged in Fire
Stephen W Bennett

The Einstein Prophecy
Robert Masello

Invasion (Alien Invasion Book 1)
Johnny B. Truant

Syncing Forward
W. Lawrence

Cold Trap
Jon Waskan

Zero Echo Shadow Prime
Peter Samet

Naero's Gambit (A Spacer Clans Adventure Book 2)
Mason Elliott

Red Angel
C. R. Daems

The Girl From Area 51
Cliff Black

Code Breakers: Gamma
Colin F. Barnes

Code Breakers: Delta
Colin F. Barnes

Code Breakers: Beta
Colin F. Barnes

Code Breakers: Alpha
Colin F. Barnes

Code Breakers: Prequel
Colin F. Barnes

A.G. Riddle

Persian Fire: The First World Empire, Battle for the West
Tom Holland

Butcher's Crossing (New York Review Books Classics)
John Williams

The Three-Body Problem
Cixin Liu

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