XP Meetup - Software Architecture versus Agile - panel

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  • Eamonn J. Casey
  • Magnus Green
  • Robert Smallshire
  • Simon Brown
  • Thor Henning Hetland (Totto)

Start about 19:00 and end at 20:00

The opening question:

  • The conflict between agile and architecture – is it a myth or reality? (5 min each included your own introductions)
  1. IASA Norway Manifest
    1. Architecture as a foundation for value and profit OVER architecture as a result of projects and software development.
    2. Responsibility and traceability in architecture decisions OVER architecture visions, architecture diagrams and great ideas.
    3. Architecture as pro-active balance between project(s) and organization OVER architecture to regulate and standardize.
    4. Architecture as an enabler of business strategy OVER architecture driven from product and technology.
    5. Architects as promoters of knowledge and learning culture OVER technology focused gurus and decision makers.
  2. "Must make sense/provide value to the team within 3 sprints" -rule
  3. "Starting out on the right foot" - rule (especially when creating solutions different from previous experience (mainly non-functional requirement game"

It's nice if you manage to discuss these issues:

  • What kind of signal is telling you that it to much architecture
  1. The developers loose the functional focus/mindset
  2. Meeting explosion
  3. Impediment explosion
  4. Non-functional sprints
  • What kind of signal is telling you that it is insufficient architecture
  1. The backlog includes lots of optimizations for non-functional requirements
  2. The tough/high risk task are delayed to future sprints
  3. The code consist of many way to do the same thing, where none is a good solutions (workarounds)
  4. Non-functional sprints
  • What do you see as the minimum requirement of artifacts you need to make the correct solution
  1. None, zero, zip..
  • What do you hope will happen with Architecture in software project in the future.
  1. Informed discussions and decisions of the options
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