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Page: Enhancement project
purpose of an enhancement project is to add features to an existing system. The new features can either be added directly to the existing system or they can form a new system that works together with the existing system
Page: MRP
Minimal Releasable Product A MRP is the smallest set of features that must be developed before a release can be deployed into production. To count as being "deployed to production" the system must be used by at least one user set to perform real tasks within a particular ...
Page: Potentially shippable
antipattern comes from Scrum. The idea is that after a sprint of 24 weeks, a version of the system is placed in a test environment. This test environment is as similar as possible to the real production environment. The name "potentially shippable" implies that the version should theoretically be complete enough ...
Page: Replacement project
Any project that will lead to the phasing out of one or more systems. Most replacement projects have multiple goals and will also develop new features. Examples of systems that are replaced in replacement projects range from "ancient" legacy systems to outdated content ...