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Page: Constraints and validation
Constraints are very closely related to the concept of type validation, not business validation. Just an observation
Page: Enterprise Applications
Some attributes and problems with enterprise applications: Business critical (Alistair Cockburn: Essential Moneys => Failure can cause unreperarable financial damage to the company, but not loss of life) Many people involved (Inside and outside the project) Other systems involved Diffused ...
Page: Enterprise POJO
Enterprise POJO is not really a term, but we have coined this term to have a starting point of a discussion on the topic of weather there are differences between application objects (POJO) and the objects we use in enterprise development. Quite few of the objects in a typical application will be Enterprise ...
Page: LAMP
LAMP was dead by the time we defined it. asyncdistributedsemistructured = cloud No good term for the stack yet
Page: REST
SOA integrasjonsverktøy REST applikasjonsprotokoll REST is fine if the distributed application none of the following requirements: Highvolume and lowlatency distributed messaging Asynchronous messaging Where distributed transaction boundaries are needed Where the message consumers are slower than the producers Guaranteed deliver ...
Page: Understandability
whom? (the next developer not the compiler