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allow standard software to coexist nicely with SOA and to reach SOA Maturity Level 2, we need to master our Business Objects.‏ EDR is the natural, lean, simple and inexpensive choice for a Master Data Management Services. Simplest possible route ...
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Data is really your revenue... Do you treat is as such? Data strategies Data mastering in 2008 Today, we are experiencing a huge battle for the ownership of your enterprise data between huge IT platforms Data Warehouse/Business Intelligence platforms Enterprise ...
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Master Data Management, or MDM, is quietly sneaking up on SOA as the most overused IT buzzword—though vendors have yet to agree on exactly what MDM means. Definition Master data management (MDM) comprises a set of processes and tools which ...
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An MDS provides seamless interoperability dramatically reduced complexity and brittleness of IT systems increases the scalability of the environment adapts more easily to new data sources perform and scale to handle the everincreasing data volumes Enterprises that are migrating to an SOA and want ...
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Realtime enterprise.. Just a dream? !3slide1.jpg
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