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Page: 5 reasons to hate architects and how to fix them
Also called 5 signs that your architect should be neutered Policies and no feedbackloops Easier to micromanage and make decisions about simple and technologyrelated stuff than the more complex issues. Myths TODO Totto: opplæringskostnad vs frata tech leads ...
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Page: Cloud Psychology - hvordan realisere smarte løsninger
Title Cloud Psychology hvordan realisere smarte løsninger Speaker(s) Anders Bjørnestad, Totto, Webstep Date IASA Norway, Onsdag 16. juni 2010. 18:0021:00 Duration Interactive session, 4560 min Denne presentasjonen vil ...
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Page: Even self-organizing teams must have an architect!
2009.06.24 Bård Lind Even selforganizing teams must have an architect! ... and ALL teams must have a TechLead The purpose of this talk is to communicate the responsibilities of the different architectural roles and see how this affects the mandate and responsibilities of an agile, selforganizing ...
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Page: Filling the glass - finding and choosing the right building blocks
Introduce the metaphore of filling a glass first with large stones, then small stones, then sand... etc Break down an example system into building blocks (stones) Sort these building blocks into different sizes Discuss methods of prioritising placement of the stones in the glass ...
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Page: Laws for organizational architects
Intro Title: laws for organizational architects Speaker: Duration: 35 min Open Space session Audience: Chief Architects, Enterprise architects, Solution Architects, Project Leaders and other Senior Architects Short summary A rundown of the key rules that applies ...
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Page: Min tid er allerede oppbrukt - 5 grep til en enklere hverdag for arkitekter
tidlig til juni møtet? Utdype etter samtaler med Truls, Nils og andre arkitekter som har hatt, eller er i tidsklemma. 1. Stop og pust, start å reflekter over hva du ...
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