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Page: A software architect is a part-time Archeologist
Title says is all, really :) tributenewaxioms/3209?page=11
Page: Availability Over Consistency
Quote "I am not aware of any information from Google about the cause of their outage but, again, we as an industry are still learning how to keep ever more complex applications and services available. The article cited above, expresses the dismay ...
Page: Build to excel, buy to support
from HSBC Center of Excellence... will find wording and reference soon
Page: It is all about the data tributenewaxioms/3209
Page: Scalability Axiom no 1 - Utmost scalability
Tight data and function at the usage edge is the utmost of all scalability options. Latency Latency is Everywhere and it Costs You Sales How to Crush it Latency is Everywhere and it Costs You Sales How to Crush it My Take http ...
Page: Scalability Axiom no 2 - CAP theorem
What goals might you want from a shareddata system? Strong Consistency: all clients see the same view, even in presence of updates High Availability: all clients can find some replica of the data, even in the presence of failures ...
Page: Scalability Axiom no 3 - Divide and Conquer
Since simplicity rules an all massive scalability strategies, we need to ensure that we are heavy on the divide and conquer bandwagon when building scalable solutions. !mshn69l.jpg