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Page: Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules
Policy rule Doc status H2A A2A ACS CS Last PAB dicussion P1. A service shall have one named owner (x) () () () () (off) P2. A service shall provide documented business value (x) () () () () (off) P3 ...
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Page: Generating OpenESB artifacts with Maven 2
very brief introduction to OpenESB OpenESB provides a JBI Runtime Environment for plugging in JBI components which interact with each other using message exchanges. JBI components can only listen for messages and forward them to other components while ...
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Page: Service Dialect Adapter pattern implemented as JAX-WS handler
Evolving Service Endpoint versioning The main idea of the Evolving Service Endpoint (ESE) pattern is to be able to modify web service endpoints without necessarily disturbing clients. It should be possible to modify a WSDL without forcing all existing clients to adapt ...
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Page: Service Manifest
servicemanifest.jpg! Please note that these rules applies to all technology which aims for reusabillity Explanations to the Service Manifest I shall do one thing and one thing well To be able to reuse a service, the service has to have a tightly defined responsibility ...
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Page: The Laws of SOA

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