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Page: Business Intelligence (BI) and Enterprise Search in a Service Oriented Architecture Strategy
Executive Summary Today, we are experience a heavyweight fight to own the definition of the business objects within the enterprise. The contenders are Data warehouse products, Enterprise Search Platforms and Service Oriented Architecture strategies. Solutions based upon enterprise search are closing ...
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Page: Generating OpenESB artifacts with Maven 2
very brief introduction to OpenESB OpenESB provides a JBI Runtime Environment for plugging in JBI components which interact with each other using message exchanges. JBI components can only listen for messages and forward them to other components while ...
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Page: Seamless integration of JAX-WS and Spring Framework
problem The main problem of integrating Spring and JAXWS is that Spring can't control lifecycles of WebService endpoints and handlers in a Java EE environment. That makes autoinjection of dependencies in WebService endpoints and handlers almost impossible without some extra effort. It may sound ...
Page: Service Dialect Adapter pattern implemented as JAX-WS handler
Evolving Service Endpoint versioning The main idea of the Evolving Service Endpoint (ESE) pattern is to be able to modify web service endpoints without necessarily disturbing clients. It should be possible to modify a WSDL without forcing all existing clients to adapt ...
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Page: The Laws of SOA

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