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Page: Aggregate
An AGGREGATE is a cluster of associated objects that we treat as a unit for the purpose of data changes. External references are restricted to one member of the Aggregate, designated as the root. A set of consistency rules applies within the Aggregate's boundaries." smidigtonull:Evans 2003 Aggregate ...
Page: Domain-Driven Design (DDD)
Domaindriven design is not a technology or a methodology. It is a way of thinking and a set of priorities, aimed at accelerating software projects that have to deal with complicated domains. !dddcoversmall.jpg! Resources PatternSummariesUnderCreativeCommons s.doc a summary (written by Evans) of the principles ...
Page: Domain Service
SERVICE is an operation offered as an interface that stands alone in the model, without encapsulating state, as ENTITIES and VALUE OBJECTS do." smidigtonull:Evans 2003 See this blog tml for some good advice on implementing Domain ...
Page: Entity
An Entity is an Object that represents something with continuity and identity. An entity is tracked through different states and implementations." See this blog for some good advice on implementing Entities
Page: Factory
Factory is a mechanism for encapsulating complex creation logic and abstracting the type of a created object for the sake of a client." smidigtonull:Evans 2003
Page: Learning circle
learning circle is a mechanism for organizing and honoring the collective wisdom of the group Ref: wikipedia We have identified two dimensions to the challenge of how to establish a proper learning cycle; Create Learning organization What architects can do to help create ...
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Page: lightweight architecture
embeddable and nonintrusive components, frameworks and containers
Page: Repository
Repository is a mechanism for encapsulating storage, retrieval, and search behavior which emulates a collection of objects." smidigtonull:Evans 2003 A repository is not the same as a Data Access Object (DAO). A repository may use one or more DAO's internally for fetching data, but the concept ...
Page: The Cost of reuse versus duplication
When should developers try to make reusable components that can be used by other IT projects? And who should pay for the development of these components? The cost of making a component reusable can be split into # maintaining a separate project structure # maintaining a separate release cycle ...
Page: Value Object
An object that represents a descriptive aspect of the domain with no conceptual identity is called a VALUE OBJECT." smidigtonull:Evans 2003 See this blog l for some good advice on implementing Value Objects