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Page: CI recommendations (KM: Software Development)
CI server responsibilities The CI server is a critical component in Enterprise Maven Infrastructure. It has the following responsibilities: 1. Automatic testing 2. Automated warning notification 3. Automatic deployment of snapshot versions to a build artifact repository manager 4 ...
Page: Continuous Integration (KM: Software Development)
Automatic build and integration. Principles To fix a broken build must always have highest priority. Otherwise, most of the benefit of doing continuous integration is lost. Integrate often When deciding which product to use ...
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Page: Continuous Integration Server Overview (KM: System Administration)
Introduction There are plenty of CI servers to choose from. We have selected the three from the five most popular from the following poll: Poll: What Continuous Integration Server are you using in 2008? 2008 and tried to give ...
Page: JigZaw (KM: Software Development)
JigZaw Agile Testing done Right JigZaw Core Principles Introduction JigZaw Introduction Vmodel vs JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers Verify expected behavior instead of looking for bugs Divide and conquer Test ...
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Page: JigZaw Intro (KM: Software Development)
Presentation helt at Telenor 19. april 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian. Abstract Hvordan kan vi dekke vakuumet som oppstår mellom enhetstester og manuelle system integrasjonstester? Vi har vel alle brukt mock, stub og ...
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Page: JigZaw Verktøy (KM: Software Development)
Presentation held at Telenor 19th April 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian
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Page: Maven Infrastructure (KM: Software Development)
Introduction A prerequisite for efficient development is to choose good tools and use these tools to their full potential. The Java community has a comprehensive suite of tools to choose from; IDE, VCS, build tools, CI server and Build Artifact Repository Manager. It is common ...
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