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Page: Change environment at build-time using profiles (KM: Software Development)
Background Deployment configuration like username, passwords, urls, etc. should never be included in artifacts. The output of a build should be environment independent! However, it is quite useful to be able to test an artifact in different environments without too much hassle ...
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Page: Deploy application with Java Network Launching Protocol (JNLP) (KM: Software Development)
Which applications implements JNLP? Java Web Start What is Java Web Start? What is Java Web Start? 01 Why should I use Java Web Start ...
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Page: Deploy to different environments (KM: Software Development)
Problem description Projects are often deployed to multiple different environments. By "deploy" we do not mean the process of publishing an artifacts to a repository, but deploying an application to for example a application, portlet, or servletcontainer or just installing the application in the staging or production environment ...
Page: JaMaCU Deployment Strategy (KM: Software Development)
Motivation Developers and architects have too long neglected the needs of system administration. The excuses vary, but the symptoms are much the same; Complex and time consuming deployments. Complex and error prone configuration. Too much, too little or just plain bad ...
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Page: JigZaw Verktøy (KM: Software Development)
Presentation held at Telenor 19th April 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian
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Page: RPM Deployment with Java Service Wrapper (KM: Software Development)
Requirements Artifact must be deployed to a Maven repository. See Maven Infrastructure for details. Jar project is assumed and mainClass must be set up. (Have not tried other artifact types.) Artifact does not need buildtime configuration. How Generate Java ...
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Page: Synchronization between Maven repository and RPM repository (KM: Software Development)
We assume that the rpm repository can be set up on the same host as the Maven repository. If this is not the case, use rsync instead of cp in the script below and use ssh to execute the createrepo command on the remote host. Export files From JCRbased repositories ...
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Page: Webapp deployment from RPM (KM: Software Development)
Requirements to war archive Must be released with maven and deployed to a repository. No jetty specific configuration in the war (i.e no WEBINF/jettyweb.xml file). Jetty configuration xmlfile examples {{conf/jetty.xml}} jetty.xml The main configuration file where the jetty server properties ...
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Page: Webapp deployment from RPM - scratch area (KM: Software Development)
Strategy 1: add war archive to a preinstalled webserver Typically multiple webapps in one instance of WebSphere, Weblogic, Tomcat (or Jetty). cargomavenplugin? wasmp? etc. Distribution as war or ear. Requires a preconfigured webserver. Probably not easy to automate, since you ...
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