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Page: Agile Mindset and Methodology
Agile Mindset Understanding agile is not easy. It is a process of learning it by imitating the existing practices, doing it and learning what works, and finally mastering it, understanding the values behind it, and delivering good software on time again and again. We do not claim to have mastered ...
Page: JaMaCU Deployment Strategy
Motivation Developers and architects have too long neglected the needs of system administration. The excuses vary, but the symptoms are much the same; Complex and time consuming deployments. Complex and error prone configuration. Too much, too little or just plain bad ...
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Page: JigZaw
JigZaw Agile Testing done Right JigZaw Core Principles Introduction JigZaw Introduction Vmodel vs JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers Verify expected behavior instead of looking for bugs Divide and conquer Test ...
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Page: Maven Infrastructure
Introduction A prerequisite for efficient development is to choose good tools and use these tools to their full potential. The Java community has a comprehensive suite of tools to choose from; IDE, VCS, build tools, CI server and Build Artifact Repository Manager. It is common ...
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