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Page: JigZaw Intro
Presentation helt at Telenor 19. april 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian. Abstract Hvordan kan vi dekke vakuumet som oppstår mellom enhetstester og manuelle system integrasjonstester? Vi har vel alle brukt mock, stub og ...
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Page: Selenium
About Selenium seems to have become the defacto web testing tool, with now WebDriver merging into the project. Resources Maven Selenium Plugin Selenium user meetup @ Google mars 2008 ...
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Page: Setup for Selenium on CI using Maven, Jetty and JUnit
Note!The setup is version dependent! (not for JUnit) Junit: <dependencies> ... <! Junit > <dependency> <groupId>junit</groupId> <artifactId>junit</artifactId> <version>4.5</version> <scope>test</scope> </dependency> <! Selenium > <dependency> <groupId>org.openqa.selenium.clientdrivers</groupId> <artifactId>seleniumjavaclientdriver</artifactId ...
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