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Page: Agile Mindset and Methodology (KM: Software Development)
Agile Mindset Understanding agile is not easy. It is a process of learning it by imitating the existing practices, doing it and learning what works, and finally mastering it, understanding the values behind it, and delivering good software on time again and again. We do not claim to have mastered ...
Page: Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
Policy rule Doc status H2A A2A ACS CS Last PAB dicussion P1. A service shall have one named owner (x) () () () () (off) P2. A service shall provide documented business value (x) () () () () (off) P3 ...
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Page: Domain-Driven Design (DDD) in practice (KM: Software Architecture)
motivation, the way of thinking, and the techniques behind DDD is well defined in the book by Eric Evans. One of the challenges however, is how these can be applied and implemented in real applications dealing with technical boundaries and constraints. To quote Greg Young ...
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Page: Generating OpenESB artifacts with Maven 2 (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
very brief introduction to OpenESB OpenESB provides a JBI Runtime Environment for plugging in JBI components which interact with each other using message exchanges. JBI components can only listen for messages and forward them to other components while ...
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Page: JaMaCU Deployment Strategy (KM: Software Development)
Motivation Developers and architects have too long neglected the needs of system administration. The excuses vary, but the symptoms are much the same; Complex and time consuming deployments. Complex and error prone configuration. Too much, too little or just plain bad ...
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Page: JigZaw (KM: Software Development)
JigZaw Agile Testing done Right JigZaw Core Principles Introduction JigZaw Introduction Vmodel vs JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers Verify expected behavior instead of looking for bugs Divide and conquer Test ...
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Page: Maven Infrastructure (KM: Software Development)
Introduction A prerequisite for efficient development is to choose good tools and use these tools to their full potential. The Java community has a comprehensive suite of tools to choose from; IDE, VCS, build tools, CI server and Build Artifact Repository Manager. It is common ...
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Page: Service Dialect Adapter pattern implemented as JAX-WS handler (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
Evolving Service Endpoint versioning The main idea of the Evolving Service Endpoint (ESE) pattern is to be able to modify web service endpoints without necessarily disturbing clients. It should be possible to modify a WSDL without forcing all existing clients to adapt ...
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Page: Service Manifest (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
servicemanifest.jpg! Please note that these rules applies to all technology which aims for reusabillity Explanations to the Service Manifest I shall do one thing and one thing well To be able to reuse a service, the service has to have a tightly defined responsibility ...
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Page: The Laws of SOA (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))

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