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Page: Geek Cruise I, February 2009 - Developer guide to serveriside productivity (Cantara)
med skallet isse og Siebel i blikket.. Målsetninger Etablere retningslinjer for hvordan man skal velge teknologi i forskjellige case. Lyntaler Diskusjoner Cluod Hardware How to solve business rules in a layered system Analysemodeller Data ...
Page: Geek Cruise II, 23-25 May 2009 - Architects in deep water... (Cantara)
Bouvetlogo2farger.png thumbnail! !IASA.gif! IASA:OSWA Norge Wiki Results Hvordan hindre at IT arkitekter skaper mere problemer enn de løser How to help ivory tower architects to support agile and productive projects Laws for Project ...
Page: Geek Cruise III 2009 - Scalability in 2009 (Cantara)
Introduction Scalability has in the recent years become more and more vital in software development. In the race to web 2.0 or enterprise 2.0 enable today's enterprises, many of the internal systems are experiencing explosion in load. At the same time, most successful web ...
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