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Page: Change environment at build-time using profiles (KM: Software Development)
Background Deployment configuration like username, passwords, urls, etc. should never be included in artifacts. The output of a build should be environment independent! However, it is quite useful to be able to test an artifact in different environments without too much hassle ...
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Page: Continuous Integration (KM: Software Development)
Automatic build and integration. Principles To fix a broken build must always have highest priority. Otherwise, most of the benefit of doing continuous integration is lost. Integrate often When deciding which product to use ...
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Page: Generating OpenESB artifacts with Maven 2 (KM: Service Oriented Architecture (SOA))
very brief introduction to OpenESB OpenESB provides a JBI Runtime Environment for plugging in JBI components which interact with each other using message exchanges. JBI components can only listen for messages and forward them to other components while ...
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Page: JigZaw (KM: Software Development)
JigZaw Agile Testing done Right JigZaw Core Principles Introduction JigZaw Introduction Vmodel vs JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers JigZaw Design Principles and Drivers Verify expected behavior instead of looking for bugs Divide and conquer Test ...
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Page: JigZaw Verktøy (KM: Software Development)
Presentation held at Telenor 19th April 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian
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Page: JMeter tutorial (KM: Software Development)
Fix plugin Download Updated mavenjmeterplugin Add the changes described here to the updated version of the plugin downloaded earlier. Build and install. Set up the test project Install ...
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Page: Maven-based Software Release (KM: Software Development)
Ensure all artifacts adhere to the standards set by Maven Infrastructure. Prepare release notes Issue tracking in the Enterprise Release Maven Deploy and Release FAQ all jar projects Release Maven Deploy and Release FAQ all deployment units ...
Page: Maven FAQ (KM: Software Development)
purpose of this FAQ is to answer questions related to Maven that often come up in development projects. Links to official Maven documentation should be preferred to writing custom documentation. Quickstart Maven quickstart FAQ Organize Maven projects and modules Organize Maven ...
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Page: Maven Infrastructure (KM: Software Development)
Introduction A prerequisite for efficient development is to choose good tools and use these tools to their full potential. The Java community has a comprehensive suite of tools to choose from; IDE, VCS, build tools, CI server and Build Artifact Repository Manager. It is common ...
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Page: Maven Webstart - static website (KM: Software Development)
Contents Example template.vm In src/main/jnlp/template.vm: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf8"?> <jnlp spec="1.0" codebase="$project.ArtifactId/" href="$outputFile"> <information> <title>$project.Name $project.Version</title> <vendor>$project.Organization.Name</vendor ...