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Page: ApplicationToken (Open Source: Whydah)
Whydah 2.0 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF8" standalone="yes"?> <applicationtoken> <params> <applicationtokenID>14c670194462012d18facf00e2cc296f</applicationtokenID> <applicationid>11</applicationid> <applicationname>SSOLoginService</applicationname> <expires>1291813232877</expires> </params> <Url type="application\xml" method="POST ...
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Page: UserToken (Open Source: Whydah)
What is a UserToken? A key received by the application on behalf of a logged on user. Should contain information about the user, it's roles and parameters for access control in the application and subordinate services that the application would want to use on behalf of the logged on user. XML for readability. 11 ...
Other labels: securitytokenservice