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Page: DNS Environment Enclaves (KM: System Administration)
Introduction When the number of environments grow, the need for more elaborate addressing schemes arise. This tactic describes how DNS can be used to support implement a logical "grouping" called enclaves. The primary purpose of this tactic is to improve communication. A secondary effect ...
Home page: Enterprise Domain Repository - Home (Open Source: EDR - Enterprise Domain Repository)
Enterprise Domain Repository handle multisource DomainObjects Enterprise Domain Repository (EDR) is a pattern for ensuring you are in control when handling Domain Objects containing data from multiple backends. Most enterprises have several systems which own ...
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Page: Environment versioning (KM: Software Development)
baseline is a set of software services with fixed versions and their configuration in a known Operating System environment on known hardware. In other words; Software versioning can be implemented with mavenreleaseplugin Configuration versioning known ...
Page: Helper code as separate projects (KM: Software Architecture)
Cost of reuse versus duplication See The Cost of reuse versus duplication for details of how and when to aim for reuse. Enterprise Maven Infrastructure to facilitate reuse There will always be overhead with additional projects that have their own release cycles, but this overhead can be minimized ...
Page: JigZaw Verktøy (KM: Software Development)
Presentation held at Telenor 19th April 2010. Presentation is in Norwegian
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Page: Maven Infrastructure (KM: Software Development)
Introduction A prerequisite for efficient development is to choose good tools and use these tools to their full potential. The Java community has a comprehensive suite of tools to choose from; IDE, VCS, build tools, CI server and Build Artifact Repository Manager. It is common ...
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