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h3. Motivation
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Ensure that the service will be successful.

h3. Argumentation

If you are unable to find an owner for a service, chances are high that the service is unimportant which is not a good metric for success. The closer to the business departments you find the owner, the better chances for a successful service.

h3. Exceptions/special cases

h3. Definitions

h5. In doubt..

h3. PAB discussions

h3. Responsibility for the owner

h3. Examples of good ownership candidates for each service type

* users - they have the natural incentive for enhancements

* business owners,
* product owners,
* marketing directors

* product owner
* data owner
* fallback: IT manager

* data quality owners
* product owner
* data owner
* fallback: IT manager


h3. [Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules FAQ]