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This is the home of the Open Source: Mean Time Since Green Game space.

Simplest start
no rivers, players will implicitly think the country equates to their copy of the source. In fact, why do we have rivers at all? Players swap keyboard at the laptop, and swap codebases when going to a new country anyway! Much simpler.
no flights to different countries
no keyboard swapping
no pass/fail prediction
no animal input twitter style text
no messages from the game master or other players
no access to previous iterations
no roll-back
no facility to enter tactic text on increment
no access to previous increments at all!
no tsg related targets whatsoever and no indication of what the tsg or mtsg is! This might be a very valuable tactic. Let the players guess what their default tsg/mtsg is (perhaps via planning poker cards) and then reveal the answer. Then restart possibly doing exactly the same again aiming at specific target. Then restart one more time with feedback. Need to think about this...

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