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h3.Balancing business value and MRP
A project that is able to release every three months or more often can prioritize solely based on business value. In practice though, many projects find it difficult to release every three months. This is especially true for the first release and even more so for [replacement project]s. The [principles and patterns] [Patterns] described in this wiki help reduce the length of a release but they do so by reducing the business value of the release. This is the core trade-off that can be very difficult to handle.

The figure below is an illustration of how focus should shift from maximizing business value to reducing release length as a function of the release length of a project. Project A has a relatively short release length while Project B has a very long one. Project B should be working much harder than Project A on reducing release length. Project B should in many cases choose a strategy that provides lower business value if this strategy reduces release length. Project A should try to reduce release length but it should seldom sacrifice business value to achieve this.