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h4. No users showing in UserAdminWebApplication
If UIB is reinstalled or the Solr lucene index is emptied, the list of users in the AdminApp may lack users, even though they can still log in. To get the users back: search for them with a trailing "/", and the system will search for them in LDAP/DB and reintroduce them.

h4. I get errors authentication in SSOLoginWebApp
This happens most frequently due to one of two reasone. a) UIB has (for some reasons) lost its connection to its internal LDAP server. If the LDAP server is not running, restart the LDAP server. Then restart UIB. b) UIB has lost connection to SecurityTokenService. Restart STS.

h4. I get an authentication loop when trying to log in from UAWA (or some external application)
This happens when the application fail to connect to SecurityTokenService to get the UserToken form the provided UserTicket. Verify thet the calling application has a solid session-handling on its SecurityTokenService connection. If not, you might have to restart the calling application/UAWA.