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TW 16.feb - Bedre tilbakemeldingssystem på lyntalene. Bedre = Enket for deltakerne, læringsnytte for foredragsholderne, lite jobb for arrangørene, og ikke minst - pålitelig datainnsamling. Tenker gjerne mer på dette.

SB 17.feb - The content for the static pages is three years stale. We should think of ways of updating the content and marketing materials to serve the goal of enticing a broader audience to attend the conference; one way of doing this is to differentiate our conference from other IT conferences. A simple, catchy, and relevant way to do this might be to use the Agile Manifesto as a schema, e.g. "we value personal experiences over dogma". We should also emphasize the low cost of the conference, and how this should lower the threshold for participation from those in academia, non-programmers, and selvstendig næringsdrivende.