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* Latest stable release: *Whydah 2.45* (2.5-rc-1)

A bug fix release follows a stable release, when necessary. Bug fix releases add a sequence number to the product release number. Thus, the first bug fix release for Whydah *2.0* will be version *2.0.1*, then *2.0.2*, as necessary. A bug fix release replaces the previous stable release.
h3. Releases

* [Whydah 2.6 - Release Log] (Planned Q1 2019) (Oct 2020)
* [Whydah 2.5 - Release Log] (August 2018)
* [Whydah 2.4 - Release Log] (December 2017)
* *rc* versions are "release candidates"; the functionality should be solid; the point of a release candidate is to get wide exposure to the new codebase to ensure that the final release is free of bugs.

h3. Latest release candidate is

* Whydah 2.5-rc-1
* [Whydah 2.5 - Release Log]

h3. Planned releases

* [Whydah 2.7 - Release Log] (November 2020+)
* [Whydah 3.0 - Encrypted tokens and high security applications]
* [Whydah 4.0 - DEFCON and handling installations under attack]