Cloud Computing- Are You Looking for IaaS or PaaS Provider?

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Microsoft, offers a way to host your .Net applications on the Cloud with a pricing model yet to be officially announced, and offers integration with some Microsoft services/applications.

Amazon on the other end, does not offer a way to host your web applications out-of-the-box on the Cloud, but simply provide virtualized hardware on which you can do whatever you'd like to (well, as usual it's it a bit more complex than that, but that's pretty much it).

So basically, Google and Microsoft offers are PaaS solutions: they offer a Platform on which you can deploy your applications. On the other end, Amazon offers an IaaS solution: an Infrastructure which you can use.

PaaS or IaaS: do you want the Cloud Provider to offer you a way to host your applications (if you can accomadate with their technical restrictions) or an infrastructure allowing you to host your applications (without restrictions) the way you want?

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