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I forrige runde av IASAs oppstart i Oslo gikk debatten hett rundt definisjonen av Arkitektbegrepet. Nå er debatten også igang hos vår mor-organisasjon.

How do you define a software architect?
What is the true definition of a software architect?
Is it:
a) software developer with 5+ years of experience
b) someone who doesnt write code
c) someone who knows the business model, objective, licensing models

the architect is responsible for the following:
-Understanding the business model and translating it into overall IT objectives
-Understanding the technology stack and how it supports the business objectives
-Providing a road map of the technologies used
-Ensuring the tactical development steps support strategic goals

basically, i think it's a set of skills falling into these categories:

  • technical skills which include knowledge about software designs & development, tools, methodologies, patterns and practices, trends in software development, etc.
  • soft management skills including abilities focusing on people, time and tasks management
  • soft communication skills to be able to liaise with senior management (cio, ceo) from one end and technical personnel (PM's, tech leads) from the other
    An architect is responsible for determining how best to deliver value to the various stakeholders: end users, admins, the development organization, channel partners, etc.

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