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Whydah 2.2 - CRMService and Statistics - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
  UIB - DB - Extend UserRole - RoleValue ALTER TABLE UserRoles ALTER COLUMN RoleValues TYPE varchar(4096);
2.2-alpha-10 Typelib - few fixed in mappers, particular for CRMCustomer  
2.2-alpha-7 STS - hazelcast 3.6.2 - should fix hazelcast in eu-west-1  
2.2-alpha-5 UIB some bugs in the sesr has set password functionality fixed  
2.2-alpha-4 Typelib - bug in parsing roles in UserToken fixed  
2.2-alpha-3 SDK - Command to verify us UserTokenID is Whydah User Admin Note: Tests against
<application ID="2212">
<role name="WhydahUserAdmin" value="1"/>
2.2-alpha-2 All - added Whydah session status info and added missing /health endpoints to simplify troubleshooting and simplify mainternance of whydah installations  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS/UIB - Added password_login_enabled  
2.2-alpha-1 SDK - Added scheduled sms and mail commands  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added refresh_usertoken  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added support for Anonymous UserTokens for 3rd party applications where the user has no roles New property ANONYMOUSTOKEN=true to enable this, false by default
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Enhancements and bugfixed to WhydahApplicationSession Now used by most Whydah components
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Removed Jersey dependency  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Fixed fallback parsing of ole uderidentity json structure  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - Enhanced ApplicationCredential added with mappers  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - CRMCustomer optional data structures added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - PIN-verified signup implemented  
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - SendSMSMessage to customer command added New properties for config of smsgw and template needed to instantiate the service
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - CRMCustomer commands added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession CRUD signals added and enhanced  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA - CRMService and Statistics Service support, New properties for StatisticsService and CRMService connection(s)
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 UAS StatisticsService signals UserLogon signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 StatisticsService - new StatisticsService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 CRMService - new CRMService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA/SDK - Functionality for loading StartSSL certificates and enhanced noTLSCheck to sockets since jersey do some checks  

Whydah 2.1 - ApplicationModel and Administration APIs - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.1-beta-11 UIB - Postgresql support  
2.1-beta-10 complete sync with some small adjustments  
2.1-beta-8 SSOLWA - fixed bug with text in action redirects for SessionCheck=true requests  
2.1-beta-7 SDK - Enhanced WhydahUserSession with re-establish application session after unsuccessful renew session several times in a row and enhanced hasActiveSession in WUS and WAS  
2.1-beta-7 STS - Minor enhancements to /health endpoint  
2.1-beta-7 STS - hazelcast config now updated to hazelcast 3.5 NB config changes
2.1-beta-6 STS - implemented application session renewal Not using params from Application Model yet
2.1-beta-6 SSOLWA/SDK - integrated WhydahApplicationSession for automatic application session management  
2.1-beta-6 SSOLWA - added resource guard on configurable features in login and signup  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA/STS - Implemented /health endpoint  
2.1-beta-2 UAWA - Shortening and mouseover for rolename and rolevalues to keep display tidy  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA - Filter og TAGS=HIDDEN in welcome  
2.1-beta-2 UAS - Implemented missing update role in UAS  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA - CSRFtoken and fixed in signup form  
2.1-beta-1 UAS - Signup password mail fixed  
2.1-ALPHA-20 UAS - TypeLib integration completed  
2.1-ALPHA-20 UAS - UserAggregate GET and POST  
2.1-ALPHA-18 UAS/UIB - Fixed forgotten password  
2.1-ALPHA-17 SDK - enhanced WhydahApplicationSession and WhydahUtil to use ApplicationCredential to keep the ApplicationName through the session (mostly for logging purposes)  
2.1-ALPHA-17 UIB/UAS Application search against applications lucene index implemented  
2.1-ALPHA-13 UAWA - editing of the fullTokenApplication parameter enabled in GUI  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - lastSeen endpoint implemented, Command in SDK for use  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - not_in_use stuff deleted  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - removed last traces of UIB configuration and use  
2.1-ALPHA-12 SSOLWA/STS - completed implementing coordinating securitylevel and DEFCON in UserToken  
2.1-ALPHA-11 SSOLWA: fixed so signup return to login page should probably end in a registration successful page, with info about password mail and info on Whydah and link to login after password reset action
2.1-ALPHA-11 Minor adjustment in bootstrap data  
2.1-ALPHA-10 Minor bugfixes and code cleaning handling of proxy installations which terminate tls
2.1-ALPHA-9 Minor bugfixes and code cleaning  
2.1-ALPHA-8 UAS/UIB - Mailsending moved from UIB to UAS Migration: provision mail config in UAS config/properties and not in UIB config/properties
2.1-ALPHA-5 ALL - New default application IDs for the Whydah components A merge strategy is needed for upgrades. Easiest is to provision the old application IDs vy updateing in applications.json and import it in UIB
2.1-ALPHA-5 UAS/UIB - UAS-UIB filter implemented Only UAS can now call UIB
2.1-ALPHA-5 UAS/UIB New implementation of Security Filter(s) Note: STS properties need temporarily to have UIB appid and secret in property file - removed from propertyfile in ALPHA-11
2.1-ALPHA-5 STS - Now using Applications mastered by UIB as well as provisioned applications Provisioned applications (STS properties) is deprecated and will be removed
2.1-ALPHA-5 UIB - LDAP - ldap schema adjustments Note that this release change the default domain for LDAP-users from to To preserve backward compability the property ldap.primary.url must be set in to f.eks ldap://localhost:11389/dc=external,dc=WHYDAH,dc=no
2.1-ALPHA-5 CoreLibs: ApplicationCredential updated with required applicationName  
2.1-ALPHA-4 UAWA: New Application List, view application detail, edit and update application details.  
2.1-ALPHA-3 SSOLWA, UAS: Use Whydah SDK for Hystrix Commands  
2.1-ALPHA-3 All: Common Whydah TypeLib  
2.1-ALPHA-3 New: Whydah TypeLib introduced  
2.1-ALPHA-3 SSOLWA: CSRF implemented, more web security robustness changes  
  1. UIB and UAS: CRUD for application (json)
  2. UIB: Simplify storage of application data (only tested for HSQLDB!)
  3. SDK: API implemented as Hystrix Commands with system tests and Util convenience and session manager threads for application and user sessions in SDK
  4. UIB: Use DTO and json parsing logic from SDK for Application CRUD endpoint
  5. UIB: new config strategy (using Constretto)
  6. UIB: dependency upgrade (Jersey, replaced Guice with Spring, ++)
  7. UAS: test and bugfix of user functions used bu UserAdminWebapp
2.0.32-ALPHA All Modules on same Release. Introduced Whydah-Java-SDK. Ensuring that all modules are coordinated,and may be used for client installation.The SDK will, when stable be great benefit for client applications wanting to connect to Whydah.
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Implemented lastSeen map in STS #9 Not persisted yet
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Receiving app-filter on UserTokens #12 New property fulltokenapplications= 11,12,15,19 to list applications who should receive full UserTokens
2.0.26-SNAPSHOT SSOLWA - Implemented application links in sso/welcome controlled by property file settings and layout enhancements (to be from new ApplicationData structure)
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Implemented UserToken filterinng for all non fulltoken applications fulltokenid= in propertyfiles for applications which should have no filter
2.0.23-SNAPSHOT UAS - Initial API complete version. All UIB references in all modules property-files changed to UAS references

Planned milestone modules

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