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Whydah 2.<In planning phase> - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
  Configurable application-to-application hard crypto via ApplicationModel (idea)
  support for more MFA solutions (idea)
  Extend SSOLWA with adminpage and functionality for single-application logout (idea)
  DEFCON actions in ApplicationModel (idea)
  Encrypted user tokens (idea)
  OAUTH2 API provider (simplified API) (idea)
  JWT provider support (idea)
  Enhanced GUI for application administration in UAWA. (planned)

Whydah 2.2 - Application admin support, CRMService and Statistics - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.2.Final RELEASE - finally  
2.2-rc-27 Added SSOLWA landing page for signup. UIB log tuning  
2.2-rc-26 Enhanced GUI for application administration in UAWA. Added SSOLWA landing page for signup. UIB log tuning (planned)
2.2-rc-25 Version sync of all modules. StatisticsService wrapping of valuereporter updated to be a real whydah module  
2.2-rc-23 Import and Export of Applications in UserAdminWebApplication. Some fortifications in STS++ on UserCredential and logging  
2.2-rc-20 Minor mapping fortification for application and module version sync  
2.2-rc-17 Minor toString enhancenent for UserToken (TypeLib)  
2.2-rc-16 Minor bug in setting defcon in UserToken (TypeLib)  
2.2-rc-15 Tightening up the Application model with separation of 3rd party admin apps and whydah internal admin apps, and supporting anonymous tokens for new sites for an user Check this section: "security": {
"minSecurityLevel": "0",
"userTokenFilter": "false",
"whydahUASAccess": true,
"whydahAdmin": true,
"secret": **** },
2.2-rc-14 DEFCON state kept in WhydahApplicationSession. Simple start-implmentation of DEFCON level actions for applications  
2.2-rc-6 Lot of small tweaks on application roles and UAS Minor change in json for applications
2.2-rc-1 Voted rc1 ready by development team  
2.2-beta-16 BugFix NPE in Application parsing in TypeLib  
2.2-beta-15 Upgraded web-layer of STS  
2.2-beta-13 Updated external dependencies and pom cleanup in TypeLib and SDK  
2.2-beta-12 Bugfix in Typelib handling of UserAggregateXml  
2.2-beta-9 Flowing DEFCON updates in WAS, wired in SSOLWA and displyed in /health - adjusted /health to json in most components  
2.2-beta-8 Typelib - usertoken mapping bugfixes and enhancements,  
2.2-beta-5 Typelib - useraggregate mapping bugfixes and enhancements, STS - replaced STS implementations with Typelib implementations  
2.2-beta-2 Minor stability fixes in Typelib parsing  
2.2-alpha-41 Fixed in whydah session handling (fortification, and added more production audit details to health and logging  
2.2-alpha-37 STS - adjusted logging and health for sysadmin purposes and re-used stsToken session
2.2-alpha-36 sync for beta-readiness  
2.2-alpha-32 STS - fixed some update usertoken cases, SDK more systemtests  
2.2-alpha-31 STS - bugfixes on usersession time/validation/expiration control  
2.2-alpha-30 UAS: property-overide of subject for defined template overrides Config ( email.subject.NewUserPasswordResetEmail.ftl=Whydah - please complete registration
2.2-alpha-29 SDK: Patches to fix resetUserpassword command. UAS: Allow filesystem override on user email templates and API to pinpoint the email template UAS template directory: ./
2.2-alpha-24 Initialization and stability and performance work mainly in SDK and version sync  
2.2-alpha-17 Minor tweaks and version sync  
2.2-alpha-13 Fixed bug in send delayed mail command and updated external dependencies in Typelib and SDK  
2.2-alpha-12 CRMCustomer - added ability to use central whydah mailsending along with local mail client  
2.2-alpha-11 UIB - DB - Extend UserRole - RoleValue ALTER TABLE UserRoles ALTER COLUMN RoleValues TYPE varchar(4096);
2.2-alpha-10 Typelib - few fixed in mappers, particular for CRMCustomer  
2.2-alpha-7 STS - hazelcast 3.6.2 - should fix hazelcast in eu-west-1  
2.2-alpha-5 UIB some bugs in the sesr has set password functionality fixed  
2.2-alpha-4 Typelib - bug in parsing roles in UserToken fixed  
2.2-alpha-3 SDK - Command to verify us UserTokenID is Whydah User Admin Note: Tests against
<application ID="2212">
<role name="WhydahUserAdmin" value="1"/>
2.2-alpha-2 All - added Whydah session status info and added missing /health endpoints to simplify troubleshooting and simplify mainternance of whydah installations  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS/UIB - Added password_login_enabled  
2.2-alpha-1 SDK - Added scheduled sms and mail commands  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added refresh_usertoken  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Added support for Anonymous UserTokens for 3rd party applications where the user has no roles New property ANONYMOUSTOKEN=true to enable this, false by default
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Enhancements and bugfixed to WhydahApplicationSession Now used by most Whydah components
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - Removed Jersey dependency  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Fixed fallback parsing of ole uderidentity json structure  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - Enhanced ApplicationCredential added with mappers  
2.2-alpha-1 Typelib - CRMCustomer optional data structures added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - PIN-verified signup implemented  
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - SendSMSMessage to customer command added New properties for config of smsgw and template needed to instantiate the service
2.2-alpha-1 Java-SDK - CRMCustomer commands added  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession CRUD signals added and enhanced  
2.2-alpha-1 STS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 UAS - Valuereporter - Moved to HttpRequest, from Jersey-client  
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA - CRMService and Statistics Service support, New properties for StatisticsService and CRMService connection(s)
2.2-alpha-1 STS - StatisticsService signals - UserSession signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 UAS StatisticsService signals UserLogon signal New properties for StatisticsService connection
2.2-alpha-1 StatisticsService - new StatisticsService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 CRMService - new CRMService established New optional Whydah module
2.2-alpha-1 SSOLWA/SDK - Functionality for loading StartSSL certificates and enhanced noTLSCheck to sockets since jersey do some checks  

Whydah 2.1 - ApplicationModel and Administration APIs - Release log

Version Main changes Comment(s)
2.1-beta-11 UIB - Postgresql support  
2.1-beta-10 complete sync with some small adjustments  
2.1-beta-8 SSOLWA - fixed bug with text in action redirects for SessionCheck=true requests  
2.1-beta-7 SDK - Enhanced WhydahUserSession with re-establish application session after unsuccessful renew session several times in a row and enhanced hasActiveSession in WUS and WAS  
2.1-beta-7 STS - Minor enhancements to /health endpoint  
2.1-beta-7 STS - hazelcast config now updated to hazelcast 3.5 NB config changes
2.1-beta-6 STS - implemented application session renewal Not using params from Application Model yet
2.1-beta-6 SSOLWA/SDK - integrated WhydahApplicationSession for automatic application session management  
2.1-beta-6 SSOLWA - added resource guard on configurable features in login and signup  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA/STS - Implemented /health endpoint  
2.1-beta-2 UAWA - Shortening and mouseover for rolename and rolevalues to keep display tidy  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA - Filter og TAGS=HIDDEN in welcome  
2.1-beta-2 UAS - Implemented missing update role in UAS  
2.1-beta-2 SSOLWA - CSRFtoken and fixed in signup form  
2.1-beta-1 UAS - Signup password mail fixed  
2.1-ALPHA-20 UAS - TypeLib integration completed  
2.1-ALPHA-20 UAS - UserAggregate GET and POST  
2.1-ALPHA-18 UAS/UIB - Fixed forgotten password  
2.1-ALPHA-17 SDK - enhanced WhydahApplicationSession and WhydahUtil to use ApplicationCredential to keep the ApplicationName through the session (mostly for logging purposes)  
2.1-ALPHA-17 UIB/UAS Application search against applications lucene index implemented  
2.1-ALPHA-13 UAWA - editing of the fullTokenApplication parameter enabled in GUI  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - lastSeen endpoint implemented, Command in SDK for use  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - not_in_use stuff deleted  
2.1-ALPHA-13 STS - removed last traces of UIB configuration and use  
2.1-ALPHA-12 SSOLWA/STS - completed implementing coordinating securitylevel and DEFCON in UserToken  
2.1-ALPHA-11 SSOLWA: fixed so signup return to login page should probably end in a registration successful page, with info about password mail and info on Whydah and link to login after password reset action
2.1-ALPHA-11 Minor adjustment in bootstrap data  
2.1-ALPHA-10 Minor bugfixes and code cleaning handling of proxy installations which terminate tls
2.1-ALPHA-9 Minor bugfixes and code cleaning  
2.1-ALPHA-8 UAS/UIB - Mailsending moved from UIB to UAS Migration: provision mail config in UAS config/properties and not in UIB config/properties
2.1-ALPHA-5 ALL - New default application IDs for the Whydah components A merge strategy is needed for upgrades. Easiest is to provision the old application IDs vy updateing in applications.json and import it in UIB
2.1-ALPHA-5 UAS/UIB - UAS-UIB filter implemented Only UAS can now call UIB
2.1-ALPHA-5 UAS/UIB New implementation of Security Filter(s) Note: STS properties need temporarily to have UIB appid and secret in property file - removed from propertyfile in ALPHA-11
2.1-ALPHA-5 STS - Now using Applications mastered by UIB as well as provisioned applications Provisioned applications (STS properties) is deprecated and will be removed
2.1-ALPHA-5 UIB - LDAP - ldap schema adjustments Note that this release change the default domain for LDAP-users from to To preserve backward compability the property ldap.primary.url must be set in to f.eks ldap://localhost:11389/dc=external,dc=WHYDAH,dc=no
2.1-ALPHA-5 CoreLibs: ApplicationCredential updated with required applicationName  
2.1-ALPHA-4 UAWA: New Application List, view application detail, edit and update application details.  
2.1-ALPHA-3 SSOLWA, UAS: Use Whydah SDK for Hystrix Commands  
2.1-ALPHA-3 All: Common Whydah TypeLib  
2.1-ALPHA-3 New: Whydah TypeLib introduced  
2.1-ALPHA-3 SSOLWA: CSRF implemented, more web security robustness changes  
  1. UIB and UAS: CRUD for application (json)
  2. UIB: Simplify storage of application data (only tested for HSQLDB!)
  3. SDK: API implemented as Hystrix Commands with system tests and Util convenience and session manager threads for application and user sessions in SDK
  4. UIB: Use DTO and json parsing logic from SDK for Application CRUD endpoint
  5. UIB: new config strategy (using Constretto)
  6. UIB: dependency upgrade (Jersey, replaced Guice with Spring, ++)
  7. UAS: test and bugfix of user functions used bu UserAdminWebapp
2.0.32-ALPHA All Modules on same Release. Introduced Whydah-Java-SDK. Ensuring that all modules are coordinated,and may be used for client installation.The SDK will, when stable be great benefit for client applications wanting to connect to Whydah.
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Implemented lastSeen map in STS #9 Not persisted yet
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Receiving app-filter on UserTokens #12 New property fulltokenapplications= 11,12,15,19 to list applications who should receive full UserTokens
2.0.26-SNAPSHOT SSOLWA - Implemented application links in sso/welcome controlled by property file settings and layout enhancements (to be from new ApplicationData structure)
2.0-29-SNAPSHOT STS - Implemented UserToken filterinng for all non fulltoken applications fulltokenid= in propertyfiles for applications which should have no filter
2.0.23-SNAPSHOT UAS - Initial API complete version. All UIB references in all modules property-files changed to UAS references

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