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Some Groovy basics

And that compiles? But some common class doesn't have that method?

Groovy adds utility methods to a lot of common classes. You'll find the details referred to as the GDK - and its available on

An example:

This gives the content of the web page Resolution is as follows.

The string is a groovy.lang.GString. This class does not have a toURL() method.

However, it has got an invokeMethod. This method does a toString, and then tries to call the method (in this case , toURL()) on the object returned from toString.

toString returns a java.lang.String. This class does not have a toURL() method. However, there are methods added by grooovy to make stuff better. These methods can be found on the GDK link above. For java.lang.String, a getURL is added which returns a getText is then called on this object.

Getting started with Grails

Useful links

How do I create an application I can toy around with?

Do the following:

See below for how to use Maven for building your Grails project.

Removing the ~/.grails directory can sometimes solve strange errors

Try it if you don't understand why you get a strange error.

How do you upgrade a Grails project to a new version of the Grails framework?

  1. download the new grails version
  2. upgrade your grails project like this:

Using Maven with Grails

How do I use Maven with Grails?

Use the Maven plugin for Grails.

Create a Maven pom for your project like this:

Note: You might need to add a log4j dependency in your pom.xml to get your project to compile.

How do I use mysql with a maven-based grails project?

Add the mysql dependency to the POM:

Then, update grails-app/conf/DataSource.groovy:

There is an underlying assumption here: All developers and test instances will run mysql without a root password. This might not be a good idea if tests use live data.

It is also not a good idea to let the application update the schema in production use, so switch that off.

Next, start mysql and create your database

I have not set the locale or character set for the database here. You should.

Next, package and run the application:

Domain classes

Which standard methods should you implement in a domain class?

It is a good idea to implement String toString() for instance like this:

This is particularly important if you are using scaffolding - otherwise the views for the scaffolded pages will use "ID: Type" in relationships (drop-down selects and cross-reference links).

How do you group domain classes in packages?


How do you handle non-persistent domain classes in Grails?



What are grails services used for?

They are basically used for the same things that a spring service bean, or an EJB session bean are used for, i.e. providing re-usable services for the front-end part of an application, handling transactions, and handling integration with external services. The following illustration gives one example of how they can be used in a Grails + Java context!grails_and_spring2.png!
(Figure from

How do you create a service?

Use the grails create-service method.

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