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The Emerging Technologies - the future of enterprise POJOS is the first in a series of open seminars/workshops. The idea is to facilitate discussions between thought leaders and peers on important aspects of the software development. We belive that the results will increase the knowledge, skills and value produced by software professionals.

The workshop participants and the on-line community will collaborate on the process and agenda, and all results will be posted live to this wiki and thus stay free and open to everyone.

Initial announcement: [About:/2008/07/02/Emerging technology \- the future of the enterprise pojos]

Workshop goals
  1. Establish a exciting and fun discussion for important emerging enterprise technologies
  2. Document ideas, different views and key findings to the open community
  3. Provide a indpendent thought leader baseline for further work in the enterprise Pojo arena
  4. Document starting points and directions for projects and architecture to everyone interested

Organizing details


We would like to thank OW Open Community for handling the practical aspects of the event

Twitter Feed

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Emerging technology; extending the object in enterprise context. This agenda meant as a very tentative guideline. The group will change direction and speed acording to the findings and ideas as we go. The timeslots are just meant as a kind of timeline. As time flies we will have a great mix of talks, demos, discussions, lightening talks, peer programming, beer drinking, heavy fights and lots of fun..

Saturday 20.9
1100: Welcome
1130: Qi4j - Why Qi4j is the coolest thing in programming since OO
1300: Qi4j - Getting familiar with the new building blocks
Notes gathered in Composite Object Programming and Qi4J observations and notes
1800: Neo4J (Responsible for docs: Kaare)
Notes gathered in [smidigtonull:GeekCruise Notes \- Part 2 \- Emil presents Neo4J]
1830: Pojos vs Enterprise Pojos (Responsible for docs: Ferris)

Sunday 21.9
0930: Qi4j hacking
1130: Recap
1230: DSLs as Object extensions (Responsible for docs: Knut Vidar)
Notes gathered in GeekCruise Notes - Part 3 - DSLs, SQL
1330: Enterprise requirements (aka. The Mountain) (Responsible for docs: Sergei)
1430: EDR - Data Management taken seriously (Responsible for docs: Richard)
Notes gathered in GeekCruise Notes - Part 4 - Mountains and EDR
1530: CASE2 - Reusabillity of domain objects in the enterprise (Responsible for docs: Ole)
1630: [Combining the strengths, future directions] (Responsible for docs: Totto)
1730: CASE3 - Methodology and tools in the enterprise (Responsible for docs: Kjartan)
1830: [How to start climbing - techniques and challenges] (Responsible for docs: Johannes)
1930: Wrap up and ideas for future work (Responsible for docs: Erik D)

Taken out

The need for Enterprise Pojos
[CASE1 - Evolvabillity from small to enterprise solutions]
[Challenges and possibillities today]

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