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We get this question a lot, and have tried to summon some of the key similarities and differences. The models are not incompatible. The main difference is the core focus and values. OW SOA is inward-focusing on how to build great services which are reusable and extensible. [Guerrilla SOA] is more edge-focused, hitting the container, middleware and protocol areas harder.

[Guerrilla SOA] OW SOA Equality
The big fight is the evil ESB vendor lock in The big fight is to teach developers and architects how to build distributed systems and to care about data and real business value 
Protocol centric approach is a good thing Protocols come and go, lets be protocol agnostic
There will always be spaghetti, let´s be spaghetti friendly Some things does not change (too much). Let us make sure that we avoid spaghetti in our Business Objects across our SOA and systems. We can limit the spaghetti to the process services of the edge of our SOA. 
Business driven Business driven 
Start small Start small
 Middleware is not key (or necessary) for a SOA Middleware is not key (or necessary) for a SOA

Relationship to other SOA strategies

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The Laws of SOA

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Service Manifest

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Design-Time Governance - SOA Design Rules

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  1. Sep 28, 2008

    I don't like your take on #2. Protocols affect how we design. Being protocol agnostic is what made SOAP throw away and reinvent (poorly) half of the HTTP stack.

    1. Sep 28, 2008

      That is not our point, our point is that you can build your SOA to live and co-exist with the different protocols, as they are just simple endpoints (with its fvalours, values and problems). resource-services are a great match for protocols like REST, while computational intense services are better suited with a protocol which supports movable services like Jini.