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h2. Introduction

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The purpose of this wiki is to create processes, techniques and technology which, in combination, will provide cost efficient and easy-to-adopt bootstrapping environments. The starting point is agile methodology, but the focus is to solve the challenges in the enterprise under realistic conditions. By this we mean extending/strengthen the [agile manifesto|] with:

* evolve ability and *maintainability* over project heroes
* sustainability and total customer *value* over features and glass bowl project focus
* facts and *knowledge* over religion and preaching

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Even if your project do not fall into the sustainable or enterprise category, there should be *plenty of valuable advice* here which will prove useful. Our featured articles below provide some starting points, or you can search for topics.





h2. Structure of this wiki-space

We are still debating an information architecture for the content of this site and value your feedback and suggestions.

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|| Name || Description || Completeness of documentation ||
| [Tactics] | The pieces of the puzzle, pure and simple | |
| [Evaluation of tactics according to organizational drivers] | A guide to which tactics are easy/difficult to implement to different organizations | |
| [architecture:Agile and Software Architecture] | Recommendations on how to ensure sound architecture and system design when doing "agile projects" | |
| [Agile Mindset and Methodology] | Most of the agile methodology aspects | |
| [Strategies] |How to combines tactics, methodology and architecture suited to solve a problem according to given drivers | |

h4. Other challenges

The following are research areas that will generate results according to the above structure.

* [Test] - Advanced testing and continuous integration
* [Agile projects and contracts] - How contracts influence projects and how to be agile within specific standard contracts
* [Deployment and Configuration]
* [Collect and/or develop recommendations for common problems | Other]
** [Logging]
** [Error Handling And Exception Management]