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{tip}{excerpt}Policy Advisory Board is a specialized Center of Excellence organ, focusing on the round trip of keeping the design-time governance policies aligned with the company goals, people and competences. {excerpt}{tip}

See also [Governance] for more details on Governance. This content is build on content from []

h3. P.A.B. Meeting

* IT Manager
* Company Chief Architect
* Service Owner
* Project Lead Architect
* Central PAB-issue stakeholders

*PAB Meeting Agenda*
* Intro PAB
* Presentation of the PAB issue
* Stakeholder analysis


h3. Example Service Policy QA meeting

* Presentation of the H2A Services [MyCustomer H2A Services]
* Policy QA of each of the services
** [Design-Time Governance for H2A Services|H2A]
** [Design-Time Governance for A2A Services|A2A]
** [Design-Time Governance for ACS Services|ACS]
** [Design-Time Governance for CS Services|CS]
** If non conformance
*** if the team challenges the policy
**** register issue i Jira PAB project
*** if the team accepts the non-conformance as a design/implementation flaw
**** create plan for compliance
* New policy suggestions
** Document as Jira PAB issue
** New rules is documented with the terms from [RFC2119|] (MUST/SHOULD/CAN etc)
* Aggregated conclusion from the QA process

{include:SOA - Service Categorization}

h2. SOA Design rules

h3. Policy Rules for Human to Application Services ([H2A])


h3. Policy Rules for Application to Application Services ([A2A])


h3. Policy Rules for Aggregated Core Services ([ACS])


h3. Policy Rules for Core Services ([CS])