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h3. About Me

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I'm currently most active in discussions on how to improve the Software Architect's daily life, and has a continually wish to
contribute more to software craftmanship.

h3. Contributor to these projects
*Enterprise Domain Repository Pattern.*
[Pattern description |]
[Live update of the pattern on this site.|KM:Intro to Enterprise Domain Repository]
[Finally a test strategy that works|]
*Achitects in deep water*
[Geek Cruise|PE:Geek Cruise II, 23-25 May 2009 - Architects in deep water...],[Communication channels|architecture:Communication channels in a learning organization]
Startup of [RFID Conference Tools|]
One of the most active contributors to Objectware's Enterprise Architecutre & Design research gruop.

h3. Talks held

IASA, JavaZone, javaBin, JavaOne-Community corner, as well as Objectware and Telenor internal.

E-mail: hidden
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