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h4. Design rules compliance
|| Design rule || Description of compliance || Last [PAB] discussion|
|[P1. A service shall have one named owner] | (x) | (off) |
|[P2. A service shall provide documented business value] | (x) | (off) |
|[P3. A service shall do one only thing, and one thing well] | (x) | (off) |
|[P20. All services shall be in the service universe] | (x) | (off) |
|[P21. A service shall be categorized] | (x) | (off) |
|[P22. A service shall have an "authentication, authorization, endpoint strategy" ] | (x) | (off) |
|[P23. A service shall document its Service Level Agreement SLA (response time, availability++) ] | (x) | (off) |
|[P30. A service shall have a versioning strategy (ACS, CS) ] | (x) | (off) |
|[P31. A service shall provide for audit and monitoring of service usage]| (x) | (off) |
|[P32. A service shall document its Service Level Agreement SLA (response time=30ms, availability=99.995%)]| (x) | (off) |
|[P40. A service shall provide at least one Evolving Service Endpoint] | (x) | (off) |
|[P41. A service shall provide heartbeat and traffic monitoring] | (x) | (off) |
|[P90. A service shall have a documented coupling to the contractual and requirement for service usage] | (x) | (off) |

h4. Screenshots / Wireframes

h4. Documentation

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h4. Unresolved Issues